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5 Types of Damage
March 14, 2022

5 Types of Damage

Do you know what the 5 types of hair damage are? Knowing the many ways your hair is susceptible to damage may help you prevent unnecessary stress to your mane. Most hair damage occurs outside of the salon, meaning even the most virgin hair can break from the most mundane lifestyle choices. Knowing how to identify the triggers that lead to breakage while treating with OLAPLEX will keep your hair as flawless, as prevention is always better than a cure!



This is one type of damage no-one can escape. At some point, or several points of the day, you will go outside and your hair will become exposed. It might be the searing sun, wild wind, or the drying cold weather that cause breakage to your hair; but whatever the factors may be, an OLAPLEX treatment is always the right remedy. Addressing damage from the inside out helps ensure the hair is constantly in a state of repair.


Hot Tools

Most people think chemical services cause the most damage to hair, but the silent killer is really the frequent use of hot tools. These tools usually can heat up to 500ºF, a temperature no strand of hair should endure for a textural change. While gentler than 500ºF, a lower setting is surely the way to go when you have to use hot tools on your hair, however, it’s best to avoid them unless otherwise necessary. Using Nº.7 Bonding Oil is a great way to protect against heat up to 450ºF!


Pollution is a stressor to so many things in our environment. Imagine your hair as a sponge absorbing the all the chemicals, damaging particles, and pollution in the air, causing it to break off.


Chemical Services 

The most obvious of them all is chemical damage. Whether it’s a color service or a texture service, chemicals are often the fast track to damage. This is why we use OLAPLEX within every single process, to ensure every salon service is the ultimate, while OLAPLEX works to rebuild broken hair one process at a time.


Mechanical Friction

This may sound strange, but we’re talking about hair brushes, hair ties, hair accessories, and more that cause unnecessary damage via rough pulling of the hair to detangle, putting your hair up to exercise, and your pillowcase. While the remedies for mechanical damage may sound like “just stop doing this,” what helps the most is first swapping out your pillowcase to a smooth silky one. The rest is all about OLAPLEX, treat often and reverse hair damage internally with the at-home Intensive Bond Building Treatment Nº.0 with the Nº.3 Hair Perfector.

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