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What is an OLAPLEX Bun?
April 26, 2022

What is an OLAPLEX Bun?

While the bun has seen many style iterations from Victorian England, ballet, and the messy bun — there is nothing more 2022 than the OLAPLEX treatment bun. In the self-care renaissance, nothing is revered higher than healthy hair. In comes OLAPLEX, with our patented technology, to rebuild hair internally in a versatile way that fits anyone’s lifestyle. We’re living in the age of the OLAPLEX bun.

What started as a treatment has transformed into a lifestyle accessory. Working out? OLAPLEX bun. Running errands? OLAPLEX bun. For those day-to-day tasks where you’re walking out in sweatpants anyway, popping on an OLAPLEX treatment to maximize your precious time is the way to go. We have seen the OLAPLEX bun all over social media as hair lovers bring their beauty rituals into the wild with them. While OLAPLEX is completely non-toxic, we recommend no one do anything with the OLAPLEX bun that causes sweating where product can drip into their eyes, but the world has spoken!

All about the bun:

It starts with a treatment. While this lifestyle ritual began with OLAPLEX Nº.3 and a hair tie, it’s developed into an even stronger at-home treatment paired with the Nº.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment. Together, they create the most intensive bond building treatment available at home.

Begin with clean, damp hair, then section and distribute Nº.0 thoroughly on the hair. Comb through to ensure all the product is fully saturated into the hair. Combing through ensures no nooks or crannies are missed! Afterwards, let the Nº.0 sit on the hair for ten minutes.

Directly after the ten minutes are up, you’re going to apply Nº.3 on top (you do not need to rinse out Nº.0). Apply generously, and even throughout, then again, comb through to ensure you have Nº.3 saturated all over your hair.

Put your hair up into a cute wet-bun and wait ten minutes. The OLAPLEX bun took on a life of its own because most OLAPLEX lovers enjoy the results of keeping the treatment on longer.

Simply shampoo and condition afterwards with OLAPLEX Nº.4 and Nº.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner. OLAPLEX bun while your Nº.3 treatment is processing, and OLAPLEX bun styling with Nº.9, Nº.6, and Nº.7 all day! 

You’re going to put your hair in a bun, anyway. Whether it’s errands, yoga, or walking your dog — why not simultaneously rebuild the integrity of your hair?

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