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So You're Going Grey...
February 23, 2021
bond builder

So You're Going Grey...

So, you’re going grey — do you know what’s happening other than the apparent color change? Either your grays are coming in quickly to steal the show from your pigment, or they’re growing sparsely. Whether you choose to embrace gorgeous silver or cover them up, your hair is going through a noticeable change, and it’s not just the color. When your hair turns gray, it changes in texture, and for many, decreases the manageability of the hair.

Likely, on this next hair journey, you will have to rebuild a routine for color, styling, and maintenance. It may sound a little daunting, but luckily we have a starting point for you that works on all hair types: OLAPLEX. Before we hit the books on your new routine, let’s talk about what your hair does when it goes gray.

It’s not that your hair is changing color; it’s producing less color. The pigment cells in the hair follicle produce melanin, which gives the hair its color, from black and brown to blonde and red. Melanin is also the pigment cell that gives our skin its unique color! Hair goes through cycles, and as we age, it’s likely that when our hair dies and regenerates, it comes back without its pigment. This typically occurs around age 35 and up for most, although genetics can play an enormous factor.

You may wonder how the loss of pigment affects hair manageability. Quite the contrary, it doesn’t. What happens right around when the melanin-producing cells give out is the hair follicles that produce natural oils that hydrate the hair (known as sebum) do as well. The hair feels more coarse, wiry, and rough without the oils that provide hydration.

Back to OLAPLEX. OLAPLEX is compatible with any hair type, from natural hair to color-treated hair and grays. What OLAPLEX does is bring hair to its most virgin-like state with each treatment. In grays, it increases manageability by rebuilding the hair, making it healthier and softer than before. Treat the hair once weekly (or more if you’d like) with OLAPLEX N°.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment and N°.3 Hair Perfector. This will rebuild the bonds, but it will not moisturize the hair, so coupling the treatment with the rest of the OLAPLEX at-home line is essential.

N°.4 and N°.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect duo for hair washing days as they both rebuild bonds and hydrate. Replacing moisture is essential, which means you’ll love the benefits of OLAPLEX N°.6 Leave-In Styling Treatment and N°.7 Bonding Oil. The two hydrate, increase shine, reduce frizz for up to 72 hours, protect against UV rays, and protect from heat up to 450º Fahrenheit.

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