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#OLAFLEX: The Winning Benefits Of Each At-Home OLAPLEX Product
February 04, 2021

#OLAFLEX: The Winning Benefits Of Each At-Home OLAPLEX Product

A co-dependent relationship with a product starts when the product helps the user enhance their natural beauty and integrity. At OLAPLEX, we believe every product we make should help you embrace the beautiful hair you have by making it healthier, not the other way around. We’re not about covering up; we’re about solving hair issues from the inside out so you can live un-retouched, unapologetically, and unstoppable.

You might say there’s an #OLAFLEX for our entire line. Each product stands out and addresses the most hindering of hair concerns. From N°.0 & N°.3, N°.4 & N°.5, to N°.6 and N°.7––we meet your hair concerns at the very core. Every product in our line rebuilds hair with OLAPLEX, and addresses issues like moisture, cleansing, frizz, manageability, heat protection, and UV ray protection. Keeping you healthy and confident is something we like to flex!

N°.0 & N°.3 Intensive At Home Treatment: This is no light flex; we’re going to have to brag about this dynamic duo. The Intensive Bond Building Treatment and Hair Perfector together create the most intense at-home reparative treatment available. This twenty-minute treatment works to rebuild bonds from the inside out, resulting in dramatically healthier hair than before.

N°.4 & N°.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner: This shower combination has completely elevated hair washing days forever. N°.5 & N°.6 work together to rebuild the hair while cleansing and moisturizing. They increase manageability, are color-safe, non-toxic, and oh so hydrating!

N°.6 Leave-in Styling Treatment: N°.6 is a Leave-in Styling Treatment that rebuilds bonds in the hair while simultaneously moisturizing. N°.6 is everyone’s most prominent ally against frizz. It dramatically minimizes frizz for up to 72 hours! Frizz isn’t just about annoying flyaways; it can also lead to unnecessary damage. N°.6 works to reduce frizz while rebuilding hair along the way. PRO FLEX: Most thick curly manes love to drench in the N°.6, while finer hair types only need a drop or two!

N°.7 Bonding Oil: N°.7 Bonding Oil is liquid gold. It is the only hair oil that can rebuild broken bonds in the hair, which is a superpower all in its self. Besides rebuilding hair, N°.7 protects against heat up to 450° Fahrenheit while also protecting the hair against UV rays.

Allow your hair concerns to be passing moments, not your reality. Find your ideal routine with OLAPLEX to address the needs your mane desires, and join us as we live un-retouched, unapologetic, and unstoppable!

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