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Your Free 10-Piece Gift>>

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OLAPLEX Jumbo #3 Hair Treatment with tinsel background
November 16, 2021

Here for the Holidays: Limited Edition Jumbo Nº.3

In this season of giving, some moments are better when shared. When creating our limited-time offer, Jumbo OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector, we kept this in mind. Jumbo Nº.3 is 8.5 fl oz, more than two bottles of the normal-sized Nº.3, making it perfect for shared bathrooms with family, couples, or roommates. This is just enough to see your hair through the new year as healthy as possible!

Nº.3 Hair Perfector is our best-selling at-home treatment. It rebuilds hair internally by relinking broken disulfide bonds to provide 68% more repair and 3x stronger hair (when used as a top part system with Nº.0). This weekly at-home treatment is often confused for a conditioner, but its bond-building power does not moisturize, but our N°.5, Nº.6, Nº.8 and in-salon 4-IN-1 treatment do. Nº.3 uses patented technology to get hair as close back to a virgin-like state as possible. We encourage treatments in abundance and applying generously—making the jumbo size just enough to go around the house!

This treatment is for everyone, from blondes to brunettes, virgin hair, color processed, and highly compromised. Everyone benefits from having healthier hair! To use Nº.3 at home, apply on damp hair (either dampened with water or with OLAPLEX Nº.0 for a more intensive treatment). Comb through to fully saturate, then wait a minimum of ten minutes. Make this a spa moment the entire house can enjoy! Pop on the treatment while cooking or watching a movie, then rinse out when done! Results are even more remarkable when the treatment is left on longer, so doing it while bonding with your tribe is a win-win!

The Jumbo Nº.3 isn’t offered year-round. Take advantage of its limited release to greet the new year with healthy hair at a 20% savings.  


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