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Happy National Hairstylist Appreciation Day!
April 30, 2022

Happy National Hairstylist Appreciation Day!

Who are hairstylists? Hair gurus? Therapists? Life changers? Confidants? We have so much to appreciate stylists for and our hair is just the beginning. National Hairstylist Appreciation Day is April 30 and is a celebration of the impact hairdressers make on our lives. There are so many paths stylists can take in the hair industry, from owning their own salon and educating to cut and color. Many of us have had a service that changed our lives and today we honor the hairstylists!


Sometimes we head into a salon with no idea of what we want, only a desire for change. We’re all been there—whether it’s a birthday, makeover, or post-break up hair. The story of when I got bangs is short, but the impact it had on me remains two years later! I went into the salon looking for a shift for my naturally curly hair. I was quite new to curly hair at the time, as my entire life I’d been straightening it. What I wanted out of the cut was something that felt more me, something to boost my confidence and elevate my look. I really wanted bangs, but was trying to talk myself out of it thinking they would look awful on me.


After my session, I was transformed. Hours of conversation with my stylist, encouragement, and tender care to my mane resulted in a look that is now part of my identity! I’m able to rock my curls in a way that feels modern and unique to me. My stylist told me how transformative hair can be, and how necessary it is to make a shift when called to. This isn’t a tale unique to my experience — it’s the way millions of hair dressers across the country impact the lives of their clients. They can transform the inside by working on the outside, and I don’t know how many other professionals can do that with a pair of scissors.


It’s not just the lives of individuals they change. Hairstylists are the reason OLAPLEX is what it is today! They trusted us before they knew what a bond builder was. We invented something completely revolutionary, and if it weren’t for them taking a chance on us and using it on their clients, it might not be the household name it is today. On behalf of OLAPLEX, thank you hairstylists for everything you do. You make the world a better place! Readers, go send a message to your stylist and tell them how much you appreciate what they do!

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