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Happy International Women's Day 2023!
May 01, 2023

Happy International Women's Day 2023!

Happy International Women’s Day! This month, we want to thank our community of loyal OLAPLEX women for their support throughout the years. What started as an idea turned into a revolution in the hair industry, putting the health of people’s hair forward. This couldn’t have happened without the help of women in our proudly woman dominated hair industry!


From inception with just three products, to a growing line of now 11+, women have backed and fallen in love with our products again and again. Your needs have kept us inspired and motivated to solve your hair concerns! As we focus on the women we are grateful for now, we remember the women of the past that helped pave the way in hair and beauty.


Martha Matilda Harper is the inventor of modern retail franchising and the reclining shampoo chair. We may take chairs at the shampoo bowl for granted, but could you imagine what a salon experience was like without them? Her hair salon, The Harper Beauty Parlour, had over 500 salons worldwide. Martha trained women to open salons based on her criteria and guidelines, creating what we know today as franchising.


We’ve fan-girled over Madam C.J. Walker before, but it’s because her contributions and achievements are still relevant today. She became the first female self-made millionaire, not just a Black womanr millionaire, but *the* first self-made female millionaire. She truly blazed the trail for women today by developing a beauty and hair line for Black women in the 1900s. Born Sarah Breedlove to enslaved parents, she knew how to market and promote herself and her products. She used her fortune to fund scholarships for women. We love women supporting other women!

We pride ourselves on our mission to connect with our following supporters on social media. From Instagram, to support groups — we’ve seen thousands of women wow us with their talent, entrepreneurship, and stories.

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements, and aims to increase visibility, while calling out inequity. We’re proud to have an inclusive product that is for every hair type, so we can build a diverse community of strong, healthy haired women! Thank you for your support. We have so much in store for you.

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