Happy International Women's Day!
March 08, 2022

Happy International Women's Day!

The 20s are increasingly a time where the voices of women are being amplified for the greater good. Every year on March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day and the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women. The theme for 2022’s International Women’s Day is gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

It’s been 122 years since women got the right to vote, and still we are facing challenges with gender equality in the workplace and beyond. Thankfully, more companies are setting examples of forward motion with female CEOS front and center. At OLAPLEX, we’re proud to have major roles at OLAPLEX occupied by women, like our fearless leader and CEO, JuE Wong. The leading women at OLAPLEX like JuE Wong, Tiffany Walden our COO, Charlotte Watson our CMO, and Juliane Park our CIO help empower other women to break the glass ceiling, showing not even the sky is the limit. Women overcome and succeed at the unthinkable every day, and at OLAPLEX every day is an opportunity to show the world what women are capable of! 

There are very few industries dominated by women and hair is one of them. Hair comprises one of the few industries where women are major players. 80% of hair professionals are women. Over half of salons are minority owned, by 52%. Some of the hard numbers include: 23% of salons are Asian-owned, 16% Hispanic-owned, and 13% Black-owned. We’re proud to contribute to an industry that amplifies the voices of women! While our industry is thriving with female leadership, the unfortunate part is so many industries have a long way to go until reaching equality in the workplace.

The women of today inspire girls to be the women who make a difference in the world of tomorrow. 

Break the bias by actively celebrating women and committing to breaking the gender bias, stereotypes, and workplace discrimination. We support and stand up for our community and thank women for growing and accelerating this industry! Happy International Women’s Day to our OLAPLEX extended family of thriving women!

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