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Happy Celebrate Life Day!
January 22, 2022

Happy Celebrate Life Day!

While this holiday’s namesake is worthy of daily celebration, Celebrate Life Day, falls on January 22nd and is a day to celebrate how fortunate we are to be here. A day of intentional gratitude is something we can all wholeheartedly get behind! In its most humbling form, surviving a global pandemic sets the tone that the very first thing we can be thankful for is our health. Life is something we only get to live once, and practicing gratitude ensures no moment goes unnoticed, and we live intentionally every day with grace and fulfillment. 

An uplifting ritual to jumpstart your day or week is creating a gratitude and joy list. Begin a day or week by creating a joy and gratitude list on paper. Often you find the things you’re grateful for are ones that bring you joy. You might have a busy schedule — maybe you work full time, go to school, or have children. As I channel memories from my 20s, I remember fun as spur-of-the-moment time with friends—if it wasn’t spontaneous; I didn’t want it. Now, in my 30s, I work full time and have a weekly commute, with little room for spontaneity. It took me a while to realize why I wasn’t having the fun I did in my 20s, and I realized I wasn’t planning it like it was an appointment. 

If there’s anything I’ve embraced in life, it’s that balance looks different every day, and there’s nothing wrong with planning fun times, however ‘grown up’ that may feel. In a Masterclass I took recently taught by Peloton VP / Head Instructor and NYT Best-Selling Author Robin Arzon, I learned about creating a joy list and planning fun like it’s my job. She spoke about spontaneous fun, how rare that is, and how waiting for it leads to missing out on opportunities to bring joy into our lives consistently. 

What is a joy list exactly? A joy list is a list of things, activities, and comforts that bring you joy. Now, this isn’t meant to feel like work; the best way to start is by writing what comes to mind. I’ll jumpstart with a few:

Gratitude List

I am grateful for my health

I am grateful for my home

I am grateful for my body that allows me to move from place to place

I am grateful for my friends and family

I am grateful for my job

Joy List

Going outside

Long hikes with no cell phone reception

Cooking for other people

Bike rides

Solo road trips

Just as affirmations surface into reality when written on paper, so do the things that bring you joy. Plan that hike, plan the road trip you want to take, schedule the facial and color appointment. Celebrate life today with a plan and visualize how you can add more intention and joy to your coming days! 

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