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¡Hablamos Español! Happy Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month
September 22, 2022

¡Hablamos Español! Happy Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month

Today marks the first day in a month long celebration of Latinx and Hispanic people, of which in the hair industry, comprise over 15%! At OLAPLEX, we recognize the power Latinx and Hispanic people have as entrepreneurs, artists, and clients, enabling us to create our first ever second language support and social media. OLAPLEX en Español comprises over 115,000 users on Facebook and nearly 70,000 on Instagram dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the Original Bond Builder, OLAPLEX!


5 years ago, we saw a gap in our OLAPLEX education. With a very successful OLAPLEX Users group for professionals on Facebook, and rapidly growing Instagram page, we were ready to take on the next chapter in OLAPLEX Education. After launching our products in several Spanish-speaking countries, we knew we needed to do better and communicate with this massive part of our community. The result was OLAPLEX en Español, a thriving community of professional and clientele OLAPLEX lovers.


To celebrate Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month we want to forward our efforts to support the Latinx and Hispanic community by pushing the group and social media we’ve worked for years to grow. We’re incredibly proud of the group of Latinx employees and advocates that dedicate their time to this initiative! If you or someone you know wants to learn more about OLAPLEX or would like to connect with thousands of professionals and like-minded OLAPLEX users, share with them our OLAPLEX en Español social media!


OLAPLEX en Español - Facebook Group


This is a hair professionals only Facebook group dedicated to the support, inspiration, and questions of licensed hairdressers using OLAPLEX. We have our Spanish speaking OLAPLEX Team moderating conversations and answering questions! This amazing community always shows up inspiring with their work and helping other users get the support they need! Join the group here:


OLAPLEX en Español - Instagram Page


This is for both professionals and clients alike to be the first to know about product launches, updates, and more! This page has a wealth of information from how to use your favorite at-home OLAPLEX products to the amazing before and afters OLAPLEX is famous for! Follow us here:


OLAPLEX en Español - TikTok Page


This is for both professionals and clients for video updates, information, and fun! Join us for all the TikTok fun here:

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