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Developing Your OLAPLEX Journey
January 06, 2021

Developing Your OLAPLEX Journey

So it’s the new year, and healthy hair is at the top of your priority list. Same. It can be a bit overwhelming, developing a solid routine to meet the needs of your health endeavored mane, but luckily, the journey has to start somewhere, and you’ve come to the right place. If healthy hair is at all a concern this year, you’ve heard of OLAPLEX. Whether you have compromised hair, healthy, or have a mane in need of frequent love, this is the start of your OLAPLEX journey.

The best place to start is to assess the integrity of your hair thoroughly. Evaluate your hair by answering these questions: What breakage do I notice in my hair? Is it split, fried, compromised, breaking off, is it healthy or somewhere in between? What is the moisture level like in my hair? Is it soft and hydrated, or is it dry and rough? Having a grasp of your starting point helps determine how much you implement OLAPLEX at the beginning of your path to healthy hair.

We recommend all hair types treat the hair once weekly, just as you might a facial mask. Once weekly treatments are for an average level of damage, the person with healthy to typical hair experiences subtle impairment daily as we all do with environmental, mechanical, thermal, or chemical damage. The substantial part about OLAPLEX is you can use it as often as necessary, meaning if your hair needs an amplified OLAPLEX routine, you’re able to do so. We recommend three OLAPLEX treatments a week for compromised hair until the level of damage reduces; then, you can choose to treat the hair once weekly to maintain the hair’s integrity.

For at-home Intensive Bond Building OLAPLEX treatments, use OLAPLEX N°.0 paired with OLAPLEX N°.3. This is the most potent reparative treatment you can use at home to rebuild broken disulfide bonds. N°.0 primes the hair for N°.3. To treat the hair, saturate clean hair with N°.0, combing through to ensure all the product works its way through. Wait ten minutes, then apply N°.3 directly on top of the N°.0 saturated hair, then wait an additional ten minutes. We love leaving the treatment on longer, so if you’re at home all day or running errands, let the treatment sit on your head and come along for the ride. Remember to shampoo, condition out, and style as you usually would.

As with many things, once we see results, we often discontinue use or skip treatments. This new year, let’s focus on the results regular maintenance gives us. Keep steady on your routine! Maintenance comes in the form of treating your hair weekly, but did you know there are other ways to get mini OLAPLEX treatments throughout the week? From shampooing and conditioning to styling, OLAPLEX has you covered with products that simultaneously rebuild hair and hydrate.

This is where the N°.4-N°.7 come in. Use OLAPLEX N°.4 Bond Maintenance shampoo and N°.5 Bond Maintenance conditioner to rebuild bonds while washing your hair as you usually would. With the N°.6 and N°.7, you’re allowed the chance to rebuild bonds, protect the hair, reduce frizz, and moisturize simultaneously. We love ‘cocktailing’ the two together for maximum benefits. The combination of OLAPLEX, wherever possible, means healthier hair with even less effort outside of weekly treatments. Be sure to #OlaplexJourney on Instagram to show us your healthy hair progress throughout the year and any tips that have worked for you along the way!

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