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Building A New Year Routine for Healthy Hair
December 19, 2022

Building A New Year Routine for Healthy Hair

If a healthy hair resolution was on your list this New Year, we’re here to transform your resolution into a long-lasting routine. As weeks go by, we know many New Year resolutions dissolve, but not with hair. Our hair is a daily mirror of our moods and how we express ourselves. Therefore, some tips to turn your resolution into a routine will help keep your hair in its healthiest shape throughout 2021.

Using OLAPLEX to rebuild your hair is about consistency, as its results on the hair are permanent until bonds break again. Healthy hair can only maintain if it’s treated regularly with OLAPLEX. Even low maintenance individuals encounter damage, including environmental damage, mechanical damage, thermal heat damage, or chemical damage. Before OLAPLEX, broken bonds in the hair required a cut to keep the hair looking healthy. Now, with OLAPLEX, bonds in the hair can re-link to create new healthy bonds. The health of your hair is entirely cyclical, and unfortunately, the damage comes in a variety of ways.

Your skincare likely has its AM and PM routine, or at the very least, you cleanse, moisturize, and apply SPF. You may have a New Year’s resolution to amplify your skincare routine, but the routine itself is there. Your hair should be no different; after all, hair and skin comprise the same internal structure. Craft a healthy hair routine that works for your lifestyle! If you’re on-the-go, start with something low maintenance; if you work from home, treat yourself as often as you’d like!

The good news is, maintaining healthy hair starts with just one OLAPLEX treatment a week. No matter what your lifestyle entails, making time for one twenty-minute treatment a week is doable for most! Consistency is always vital, so ensure you’re choosing a day or period of the week that works for you to wind down. We’ve seen users get their treatments in during errands outside of the house, exercise, working from home, or while doing house chores!

Whether you’re new to OLAPLEX, or a bond-building vet, we recommend elevating your hair routine with the most intensive treatment available at home, with OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3. Start on clean hair, and dampen with N°.0, leave on for ten minutes, then apply N°.3 directly on top of N°.0 for an additional minimum of ten minutes or longer! Shampoo and condition it out when you’re ready.

OLAPLEX is safe to use as often as needed. For highly compromised hair, consider 1-2 treatments weekly. Elevating your regular hair routine with opportunities to rebuild your hair is where we want to see your 2021 hair going! Why shampoo and condition like before when you can have healthier hair after each wash? Using OLAPLEX N°.4 and N°.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner will cleanse, moisturize, and rebuild bonds in your hair simultaneously making it healthier with each wash.

Whether you’re heavy on hairstyling or a wash-and-go person, OLAPLEX N°.6 and N°.7 are simple ways to maximize opportunities to rebuild your hair. Apply N°.6 to damp hair to reduce frizz for up to 72 hours, moisturize, and create manageability in the hair. N°.7 Bonding Oil is another way to increase the hair’s health while protecting it against more subtle ways damage occurs. N°.7 protects against UV rays, which damage the hair, and thermal heat up to 450° Fahrenheit.

Routines take time to develop. Hair, just like skin, is something to check on daily. If it feels dry, add some N°.7 to add hydration and health to the hair throughout the day. Healthy hair is an everyday goal, and with a healthy hair routine with OLAPLEX, that goal can be a daily reality.

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