Why You Need The 4-IN-1 Salon Treatment
August 14, 2021

Why You Need The 4-IN-1 Salon Treatment

Dry hair is no longer a side effect of the seasons. With the new OLAPLEX 4-IN-1 professional moisture mask, it’s soft hair all year round, with a visit to the salon. We spoke to OLAPLEX Ambassador and celebrity colorist Chad Kenyon for the low-down on his new favorite It-treatment and why everyone needs a professional-grade moisture mask from time to time.

“I love this mask. Period. It is an elevated version of OLAPLEX Nº.8, says Chad. The professional moisture mask has an increased level of ceramides, amino acids, and essential oils. Every client I use it on, I get an ‘a-ha moment’ because everyone is amazed by how transformed their hair is after using the 4-IN-1 mask.”

When OLAPLEX launched Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask for at-home use, clients had the opportunity to rebuild their hair and intensely moisturize it at home. Treating the hair at home is ideal for keeping your hair thriving between salon visits, but nothing beats a professional treatment for when your hair needs an extra boost. Chad says, “There’s a difference between the 4-IN-1 and Nº.8 mask. For those clients suffering from dry, damaged, coarse, or textured hair, they should rush into the salon because this is something they can only get from a professional.”

“I love the tangible results I see regarding volume shine and hydration,” Kenyon continues, “what’s miraculous about this mask is all other masks weigh your hair down, and this mask gives your hair volume, which is unheard of in the moisture mask category. Your hair has been rinsed completely clean after. No heavy emollients are weighing the hair down.” When OLAPLEX created this moisture mask for professionals, it had to change the game in the moisture mask category. Not only is it the only professional moisture mask that can rebuild bonds in the hair simultaneously as it moisturizes intensely, but it adds volume. No flat hair after masking up here!

This mask was designed for anyone who desires healthier, moisturized hair, and significant improvement in one session. Chad told us, “People love the smell. As soon as we pump it at the shampoo bowls and leave it on the hair, the first thing my clients do is exclaim they love the fragrance! This is across the board too, because it’s unisex, for all hair types male and female, all hair types textures, colors, treated hair, and non treated hair.”

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