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What You Need To See Today: Your Hair Color As A Puppy
March 05, 2021
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What You Need To See Today: Your Hair Color As A Puppy

You came to the right place. The words ‘hair colors as puppies’ deeply resonated with you, and from one puppy lover to the other, welcome. Now we don’t advise to use OLAPLEX on your furry friends, but we can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance they have to hair color. No balayage or color services are required, just the cutest puppies in the world making you swoon and feel envious all together.

Which pup are you?


Baby Rottweiler here to steal your heart, but not before it shows off its shiny black hair and caramel highlights. 

English Bulldog Puppy with black hair and something on its cute little button nose


Golden Poodle here for all the sandy honey blondes. 


Pretty sure it’s illegal to be that cute. Someone ask this Maltese how they keep their platinum healthy. 



Well, a baby red Golden Retriever certainly takes the cake, but the puppy Corgie with red and white hair is here to say second place is just as good as first.


Is there anything cuter than a baby Pittie? We’d like to know. 

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