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November 19, 2020

Tracey Cunningham Formulas Revealed!

Colorist to the stars and Olaplex Ambassador, Tracey Cunningham, has the formulas to Hollywood’s most coveted locks and she’s giving them to you! From platinum blonde to warm sun kissed highlights– here are some of our favorites on Rita Ora, Jessica Biel, and Mariah Carey!

Rita Ora

Tracey used plenty of cotton between each section to avoid any overlap. The formula: root gloss 09n/20+09p/20+09T/10 with lots of Olaplex throughout the process!

Jessica Biel

Highlights with a root gloss using ShadesEQ at the hairline 09G+09NB, roots 07NB+08GG+09NB, and an allover gloss using 000 clear 50cc +09G/10cc+08C/10cc for 5 minutes. Olaplex 1-2-4-5 throughout the entire process.

Mariah Carey

Redken Color Gels Lacquers 7na<30vol hairline 5ab<20vol base for 5 minutes. Tracey only used higher volume peroxide and lower level color to lift the base to cancel redness and for more control. Rinse, dry, then highlight with Redken Flashlift +30vol and 1/2 oz Olaplex No.1.

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