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Today We Celebrate Mother Earth!
April 22, 2021
earth day

Today We Celebrate Mother Earth!

Earth Day is a big deal around here. As a company focused on the integrity of hair, keeping our planet healthy, too, is an impact we make with every product. We choose to make a difference with how our products enter the world and how sustainable they are for a brighter future. We employ healthy hair as a catalyst to the wide-scale changes we make to lighten our carbon footprint because prevention is better than a cure.


Now, if you’re an OLAPLEX fan, you may know some steps we’ve taken in our line to make it more sustainable. We’re non-toxic, vegan, and made in California, but did you know in 2020, we saved 21,000 trees from being cut down? This April 22, we want to walk you through our ‘do no harm’ ethos along with why we strive to do better. We don’t believe in paying carbon penance to offset our carbon footprint; rather, we take preventative measures to limit it as much as possible.


We saved 27mm gallons of water in 2020. To put it into perspective, those savings provided households with their average daily consumption. Our impact doesn’t stop there; we prevented 7700 Mt or 17mm pounds of greenhouse gases from being emitted into the environment. These impacts are direct results of prevention via our choice to not use secondary packaging when possible. Our Nº.3, Nº.4, Nº.5, Nº.6, and Nº.8 are all secondary packaging free! Every time a consumer purchases a boxed product, where does the box go? We know most go in the trash, which is why we bypass the middle-object between you and your coveted OLAPLEX to lighten our carbon footprint.


Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and affect climate change, or even better aptly named global warming. These gases can remain in the atmosphere anywhere from a few years to thousands of years. Humans have already caused climate change; we are currently experiencing the repercussions of our destructive consumption. From animal products, fast fashion, power plants, drilling, and more, our responsibility as a company is to abolish complacency and work on overdrive to prevent our planet from worsening anymore.


Every purchase you make from OLAPLEX saves the water we desperately need as the country continues to experience severe droughts. Your purchases help us make the world a better place. Check out our blog on how to be a more eco-friendly consumer HERE.


Happy Earth Day to all the OLAPLEX lovers out there. Thank you for helping us protect our mother.

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