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November 17, 2020

Tips for Wavy Texture Services

Ever since Julianne Hough debuted her Olaplex’d permanent waves, we’ve seen the gorgeous look recreated all over the internet! There’s no wonder why– who doesn’t like waking up with styled hair? It’s like having 2nd day, 3rd day hair without having to do a thing.

We popped into one of our favorite Olaplex salons, Salon Flourish, to see how stylist Karen Flowers uses Olaplex for her texture services. Her client had coarse, straight hair with a history of digital perming. Karen shared with us some of her favorite tips and walked us through the process.

Karen is certified in the American Wave texture service and has been doing them for 3 years, 2 of those years with Olaplex. She told us, “While the American Wave was an amazing new service to offer clients, I feel extremely more confident with my results since I have Olaplex to help me mitigate any damage that could possibly occur during a texture service! My results since using Olaplex have been bouncier and healthier than I could have ever imagined!”

Instructions for using Olaplex in a permanent texture service varies by hair type, for recommended usage, visit

Karen’s Tips for wrapping hair:

  • Use purple texture tools for larger waves and zig zag sections for softness.
  • Hold the hair with tension and dampen with water.
  • Avoid bending the hair.
  • Place cotton for protection and be aware of your timing!

Karen says to “apply the lotion to all wrapped texture tools. With long hair, place tip of bottle into areas that may need more!” says Karen

TIP: Karen likes to towel blot first, then go back and paper towel blot each texture tool until dry.

“After the process was complete, I SHAMPOOED then applied a light conditioner! Can you even believe that you can shampoo after a perm service now! Thank you Olaplex!” said Flowers.

For styling, Karen applied a curl mousse and curl cream to help facilitate the curl scrunching, all while diffusing.


Karen Flowers is a stylist based in Hermosa Beach, California. She is owner of Salon Florish. You can find her on Instagram @SalonFlourish and Facebook @SalonFlourish.

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