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These Factors May Affect Your Scalp's Health
January 13, 2023

These Factors May Affect Your Scalp's Health

Why is scalp health the most underestimated hair concern, when it’s the root of most hair woes? It’s the last place we look, but when we experience symptoms such as limp or unmanageable hair, there are many factors that deteriorate scalp health that we can look at. Overall, when you don’t maintain the integrity of your hair, it creates a domino effect for its health. When you start at the scalp, the chances of a healthy mane are even greater!

External factors are some of the leading causes of poor scalp health. Over time, just like build up, these factors create stress that weigh heavily on the scalp. Some external factors include coloring or processing the hair. Good hair is as only as good as the scalp it comes from, and the more you color and process the hair, the more you put your scalp at risk. Color and other salon chemicals are full of irritants that can not only irritate the scalp but also lead to damaged hair.

There’s no one-size-fits all miracle product that will solve all your hair problems in one use. It’s all about a well-rounded routine and consistency. Besides external factors, there are natural factors that also affect scalp health. Stress, hormones, and age can also affect the integrity of our hair. Looking inward at what sort of bodily changes we can improve can help with our scalp health from the inside out.

Harvard University researchers have found that stress impairs hair follicle stem cells, which can slow down or impede hair growth. Daily practices can help you reduce stress, such as considering meditation, exercise, and taking more time for grounding practices. What you eat also affects your scalp health. B vitamins such as B6, folic acid, and B12 are important for forming red blood cells which carry oxygen to tissues. A diet rich in iron like dark leafy greens can help strengthen and revitalize hair, as well as consuming avocados, legumes, nuts, chia seeds, and collagen.

Clarify your hair once a week to prevent buildup that is clogging your hair follicles, such as with OLAPLEX’s Nº.4C Clarifying Shampoo. A healthy scalp promotes hair growth and hair integrity. Cover all your bases today for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair in the new year.

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