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Free shipping & sample with every order

November 07, 2020
guy tang

The Secret to HEALTHY Permanent Beach Waves: Tutorial by Guy Tang!

Permanent beach waves are the new anthem for anyone who has curling wands, salt water sprays, and/or texture creating flat irons within their regular hair regimen. Let’s face it, it takes a lot of work to look that effortless and to wake up in the morning in true “I Woke Up Like This” fashion, sounds only but a dream….except with perming, it isn’t.

The thought of 24/7 beachy waves sounds appealing… but what about the damage caused to the hair through the process? Or even yet, color treated hair that faces the fact of extreme breakage in order to alter it’s texture?

Any beauty school grad will tell you it’s nearly impossible to perm previously lightened or colored hair because the risk of damage is far too high. This has been the case, until Olaplex. With this new chemistry not only comes the ability to push the hair further than ever before, but the ability to make history in successfully perming pre-lightened, colored hair. The end result? Healthy, shiny, gorgeously textured hair– withoutcompromising.

Back to the ‘do– we’ve come a long way since the sky high, tight curled 1980s perm. Grease: Live! actress and #901Girl, Julianne Hough, nearly broke the internet proving just that after revealing her stunningly beachy Olaplex Perm. The new trend shows no signs of stopping and who better than the ultimate hair bestie, Guy Tang, to show the way!




Guy performed this service on a client who is currently going through hoops in beauty school. You know what that means– her hair also dubs as an experimental canvas. In fact, just hours prior to the perm, she had a color correction done! Not only does her hair look gorgeously ombréd, but she has bouncy, effortless beach waves sure to provoke hair envy wherever she goes. For the full transformation, watch the complete video here!

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