The Importance of Engaging With Our Community
April 11, 2021

The Importance of Engaging With Our Community

The OLAPLEX community is officially 2 million strong! We are so humbled to see we’ve reached 2 million followers on Instagram and cannot thank all the OLAPLEX lovers enough for their unwavering support throughout the years. We love our community and offer products we know help them both in the salon and at home. From day one, we began our Instagram like any other account. We focused on engaging with our community through #olaplex and tagged photos. It kept us going to see stylists create jaw-dropping work with OLAPLEX, and to this day we continue to engage with our community!

Salon culture is all about the experience. You come in for a service, and often you leave with a therapy session. Part of the hair community’s ethos is to engage with their clientele — they’re like family. We’ve taken that same approach in our social media space. We want our extended family to feel seen, supported, and uplifted by us — just like we feel when we leave the salon.

Community engagement for us isn’t just about social media. We learn from our community, we listen, and we give back. Our Instagram page is committed to free education, daily inspiration, and tools to support both the professional and at-home user. Although OLAPLEX revolutionized the hair industry, it was the stylists that trusted in us to help elevate their work on their clients. Those clients took home OLAPLEX Nº.3 and fell in love with their new self-care ritual.

Community is what OLAPLEX is all about. We create products that promote the health and wellbeing of your hair, and we are lucky to foster an inclusive community of 2 million people centered on integrity, wellness, and self-care. Whether you’re new here or a long-time supporter, thank you for joining our unique community. We’re strong, mighty, and we’re just getting started! We love you!

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