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No.0: The Essential Addition to Our Take Home Treatments
October 06, 2020

No.0: The Essential Addition to Our Take Home Treatments

We are so excited to introduce the new OLAPLEX No.0! We kept hair professionals in mind when making this salon-inspired take-home product. OLAPLEX wants to see you thrive and succeed. Not only have we helped hair professionals increase their revenue by investing in a Salon Intro Kit, but we've also seen salon sales grow with adding OLAPLEX retail. You may notice No.0 and No.3 are very similar to the Stand Alone Treatment. The new No.0 and No.3 combo is a less potent version of the Stand Alone, intended to elevate the integrity of your clients' hair in between salon visits. 

You've helped us introduce OLAPLEX. No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6, and No.7 to your clients, and they've fallen in love with the products! We know they will adore OLAPLEX No.0 just as much! We want to ensure your clients come back to you with incomparably healthy hair for your creations. The treatment by no means replaces the Stand Alone treatment. The Stand Alone remains the most intensive OLAPLEX treatment your client can get; however, during these times of social distancing, we want to spread inspiration from salons into the homes of your beloved clients. From boosting your sales and revenue to educating your clients on the product, the next few pointers will set you and your clients up for success:

Adding No.0 into your business model:

If you're a professional OLAPLEX user, you know how much OLAPLEX benefits your business, both with revenue and clientele. With the salon locator, OLAPLEX helps potential clients find hairdressers and salons using OLAPLEX, and with the use of OLAPLEX and good judgment, those clients stay in your chair because they leave with healthy hair. As many salons around the world experience closures due to COVID restrictions, we aim to aid hair professionals on the retail side to ensure your clients' hair stays healthy while benefiting you via sales.

The OLAPLEX Affiliate program helps professionals earn 30% of any sale of OLAPLEX products. This means, by linking your client to your affiliate profile, you're able to receive 30% commission of each purchase they make! Why is this important to us? We would be nowhere without your trust and support! The affiliate program helps you earn profit just by recommending products you usually would to your clientele about No.0 and the rest of the take-home line. 

If your salon is up and running, stock your retail shelf up with OLAPLEX No.0 and educate your client on their new and improved at-home experience. If they've ever had a Stand Alone treatment, they know how fabulous and healthy their hair feels after. No.0 helps amplify the benefits of No.3, and we know they will fall in love with their upgraded at-home treatment!

Educating your clients on No.0

We find that the modern client loves educating themselves on all things hair. You may notice this when they ask you about OLAPLEX and tell you what they know. (Are we right?) Giving your client a rundown on No.0 and how it works while navigating them towards resources to help further educate themselves is the ideal combination. By now, you can assume they know how to use No.3 if you've recommended it to them in the past. Whether they are No.3 savvy or not, here's how they use the No.0 and No.3 together:

Apply the No.0 to clean damp hair. Comb the product through o ensure saturation. Wait 10 minutes, then apply OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector directly on top of No.0. Comb again to saturate thoroughly, then let the treatment sit for another 10 minutes. This treatment is a minimum of 20 minutes, though, just like the No.3 on its own, more exceptional results yield by keeping it on longer! Once completed, rinse, shampoo, and condition. We recommend the OLAPLEX No. 4 Shampoo and OLAPLEX No.5 Conditioner.

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