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Spring Trends
April 16, 2021

Spring Trends

As we greet another spring socially distanced, the hope of a brighter year has us shifting from hair in a bun with sweatpants to getting excited about hair and beauty again. For most, the past year amidst a global pandemic has taught us the impact of self-care rituals over glam. During this time, I’ve noticed an emphasis on eye make-up and some gorgeous hairstyles because of masking up. This Spring, here’s what’s trending in our collective emergence out of lockdown and the looks we will step out with!


This entire season is shaped and informed by a year inside without visits to the salon. I’m talking long, grown out hair (or growing out of DIY cuts), natural styling, and an ode to fantasy colors. 


Fantasy Colors - Greens and Blues

Spring 2021 is where green thumbs materialize as fantasy colored hair, like the plants you’ve adopted during quarantine. It’s all about deepening our connection with nature and a nod to any impulse color experiments at home. Now that salons are open, get the color you deserve with sky blues and emerald greens as your compass. 


Natural Styles - Embrace Your Beautiful Hair

This Spring is all about the creative natural styles we YouTubed with too much time on our hands. Think youthful, unruly hair mixed with eccentric Bjork buns on an extremely healthy head of hair. With all the time to OLAPLEX my mane, I’m coming out of quarantine with the healthiest hair possible, and that’s what styles will reflect this season. Head to your stylist to add body and dimension to your low-maintenance grown-out hair. 


Eyeliner Art - Linear Art

A year of COVID has taught me to reconnect with people’s eyes. With masks covering mouths, our eyes are doing the talking with eyeliner designs of blue and green. Think two-toned linear designs or 1960s style upper lid over-lining.


Glow - A Little Dab of Magic

Now, we all know we’ve spent a year inside, but that’s no reason we should show it. A glow will give a pop of shimmer to your cheekbones, collar bones, eyes, and more. Skincare is the ultimate glow, but a little highlight enhances its benefits on your skin. 

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