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Free shipping & sample with every order

Small Business Saturday: Support Local Salons!
December 19, 2022
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Small Business Saturday: Support Local Salons!

Today we celebrate the importance of consistently supporting small businesses. In a very trying year, hairdressers and salons everywhere have shown their tenacity and passion for keeping their doors and chairs open. This year, Small Business Saturday means more than ever. It's a way to give back to those small businesses there for us this year and raise awareness to shop locally.

OLAPLEX started in 2014 as a small startup company. Through word of mouth and the support of the professional hair community, we've become the company we are today. From social media shares to hairdressers recommending OLAPLEX's take-home products to clients, we have been together with the professional hair community since day one. This year, Small Business Saturday will make an impact on small business owners and hair professionals. Your support and contributions will help your favorite local salons' and independent stylists' doors open. 

Low on your favorite OLAPLEX products? Consider purchasing OLAPLEX today from your local professional OLAPLEX carrying salon. Supporting your local salon by buying directly from your stylist can have a positive impact on their business. If it's a change you desire, use our Certified Stylist Locator here to find an OLAPLEX Certified stylist near you. Our global locator houses some of the best stylists in the game, waiting to give you that boost you want!

Another fantastic way to support your local hairdresser or salon is to purchase gift cards. Treating your loved one to "me time" in the salon allows them time to relax and get pampered during the bustling holiday season. Enquire with your local OLAPLEX carrying salon or hairdresser if they offer gift cards for the holidays!

For hair professionals, we want to see you succeed. Part of our mission is to provide resources that help elevate your career. There are two avenues we offer to amplify your career by merely using OLAPLEX. First is our Certified Stylist Locator; users around the globe are searching for a professional that uses OLAPLEX. In an age where the client is more educated than ever, help them find you by adding your independent business or salon to our locator. 

Another way to increase exposure is by taking your love and knowledge of OLAPLEX to the next level by certifying yourself as an OLAPLEX professional. You can learn more here. Certifying yourself adds more validity to your OLAPLEX expertise and helps clients who want that commitment level to find you. 

However, you choose to show small businesses you care, show them some love on Small Business Saturday! 

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