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November 18, 2020
bleach and tone

Short Hair Bleach & Tone with Kelli Christine

Nothing says change like a classic bleach and tone. Whether the transformation be funky colors, platinum blonde, or anywhere in between– this straightforward service proves theres so much more to this application then meets the eye. Colorist, Kelly Christine (@hairbykellichristine), owns her own salon studio in West Hollywood, CA, she welcomed us in to show how she uses OLAPLEX every step of the way for her clients’ bleach and tone session.

Kelli’s client, Zack (@justplainzack), has been coming to see her for bleach and tones every 6-8 weeks for a year now. He has thick, coarse, short hairs and loves it to be icy white. Throughout the corse of a year, Kelli’s formula has truly been perfected to a tone they are both ecstatic about each and every session. Something Kelli stressed to us, is the importance of teaching your client about at-home care. Luckily, Zack happens to be the ideal client who absorbs all things haircare like a sponge. He regularly treats his hair with OLAPLEX No.3 to rebuild the bonds in the hair from the constant processing, environmental damage, and styling. Zack also shampoos and conditions with OLAPLEX No.4 and No.5 to replenish his hair with moisture and to further strengthen and repair his hair. When styling his icy white locks, he turns to OLAPLEX No.6 for a smooth, frizz free, bond re-building finish. All this maintenance plus being extremely regular about keeping up appointments means he’s doing everything possible to protect his investment. It’s safe to say, Zack’s hair is being strengthened and repaired by OLAPLEX on a daily basis!

When we asked Kelli Christine the hardest part about doing a bleach and tone on a short haired client, and she replied with “not overlapping!”. It can be nearly impossible to not overlap on super short haired clients, so the best thing to do is use your best judgement all around, and leave any already processed bits out whenever possible, like in the example of Zach’s longer pieces on the top of his head. 

Kelli’s Formula: 

Schwarzkopf Blondme with 40 volume & 1/8oz. OLAPLEX No.1.

Rinse with cool water 

(no shampoo)

OLA Water Treatment 

(h2o + OLAPLEX No.1 + OLAPLEX No.2) 

30 mins.

Rinse with cool water…Shampoo with OLAPLEX No.4

Toned with Wella 

(1.25oz. T18 +.25oz. 050) 15-20 mins. 

Zack has very stubborn hard to lift hair, to achieve the desired look, a double process is necessary. Kelli repeats to us the importance of giving your client realistic expectations. Let them know that this is a process, they will be in the salon nearly all day and the desired result is not guaranteed in the first session. There is also much trial and error to be expected, especially with a new client. Underpromising, and over delivering is the safe way to go! 

While Kelli uses OLAPLEX every single step of the way from advising it to prep the hair during the consultation, to using it multiple creative and standard ways throughout the process, to educating her client bout regular at home use– she knows it is not a magic wand and good judgement is always front and center. 

5 hours later, Zack walked out with the hair of his dreams, healthy, shiny, and styled with OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother to continue the OLAPLEX magic throughout his day. What do you think? Tag us in your OLAPLEX transformations on Instagram by using #olaplex! 

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