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November 06, 2020

Olaplex: Natural Hair’s Best Friend!

Olaplex is amazing on ALL hair types… have we mentioned that before? 

We brought in our talented friend Amena BelledeSoleil to chime in on her fabulous results with Olaplex on natural hair! Amena is natural hair care specialist, master colorist and braider. She is also owner of Hair Polish Natural Hair Studio and Basique Opulence Wellness products in Glendale, CA. We’re lucky to have her on as a guest blogger today and will let her take it from here…

Olaplex is the best in salon hair repair and treatment product I’ve ever used and is especially prized by women with natural hair. To be clear, all hair types– kinky to straight are natural if they are not chemically relaxed or permed but for the sake of keeping with social understanding of what natural hair is the term shall reference kinky, curly and wavy types of  hair.

Natural hair also referred to as highly textured hair is unique in the way it shows damage. When it is damaged and dehydrated it immediately goes limp. Kinks go straight, coils turn into curls, curls into waves and waves disappear in addition to the increased dryness that occurs with damage on all hair types.

Pictured below are some of Amena’s wonderful before and afters on her natural hair clients using Olaplex!

Us naturals love our highly textured hair just as it is and to keep it that way, with having beautiful color and versatility of style, Olaplex is a MUST. It ensures optimal condition of the hair.

In salon I use Olaplex in all my lightener and high lift color and offer the traditional stand alone treatment. The results are amazing across the board. Olaplex keeps my clients hair looking and feeling its best with every treatment. Heat damage was the natural hair kiss of ‘cut it off’ death until Olaplex! If your stylist isn’t using Olaplex, your hair is missing out!

We’d like to thank Amena for being our guest on today’s post! We’ve seen fabulous results on social media with Olaplex on natural hair that has been revived through stand alone treatments– dramatically improving hair condition and curl pattern on hair that has gone limp. Additionally, we’re so impressed by the drastic color transformations we’ve seen as well… don’t worry- we’ll do a special post just on those very soon! Stay tuned..

Follow Amena on social! Instagram: @amenabelledesoleil and Facebook: Hair Polish by Amena BelledeSoleil.

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