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OLAPLEX N°.3, Our Hero
August 17, 2022

OLAPLEX N°.3, Our Hero

Sold every 3.5 seconds, OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector is a certified cult favorite. There were years after our start-up launch where Nº.3 was the only product available for clients at-home, getting people around the globe absolutely enamored with this revolutionary treatment. Now, with 10 total products for healthy at-home haircare, clients can rebuild their hair while addressing other concerns at home. After all these years, Nº.3 still has a permanent place in everyone’s hair care arsenal, because it’s just that good.


Inspired by the professional-only Stand Alone Treatment , N°0 and Nº.3, formulated for at-home use, rebuilds bonds in the hair by re-linking them together to create healthy bonds. So why did Nº.3 become a household name? Why is it our best-seller?


Everyone can benefit from healthy hair, it’s that simple. You don’t have to have color treated hair in need of repair or even compromised hair. Someone with healthy hair wants to improve their mane to make it beautiful and strong regardless of whether or not it’s already healthy. There is always room for improvement! Nº.3 has been trusted for 8 years to do exactly what it says, repair broken hair from the inside out.

Whether it’s someone with healthy hair, compromised, or undergoing a color transformation — they all have one thing in common: the desire to have the healthiest hair possible. For naturally curly haired beauties, Nº.3 is a remedy for health when repairing hair from thermal styling and chemical relaxers to natural texture. The reasons to use Nº.3 are endless, because Nº.3 is for everybody.

OLAPLEX Nº.3 rebuilds the hair internally by re-linking broken disulfide bonds back together again, creating healthy bonds. With this, anything is possible, from hair goals to more manageable, wearable hair. It’s an at-home haircare routine staple and the perfect travel companion for a healthy boost. It’s known and loved worldwide for transforming the hair and lives of millions. Nº.3 is the original patented bond multiplier for at-home use and perfect for any hair type from straight to curly and healthy to compromised. Whether you’re an old friend or a new one, curl up with your Nº.3 and start bonding with your hair!

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