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Free shipping & sample with every order

OLAPLEX LOVE: The Line You Can't Help Falling In Love With
February 15, 2021
healthy hair

OLAPLEX LOVE: The Line You Can't Help Falling In Love With

When it comes to relationships, people come in and out of your life for a reason. Some are lessons, some are healing, but perhaps none I put more practice in than my healthy hair routine. Look, I know that sounds hyperbolic, but it isn’t. My relationship with OLAPLEX started in 2015 with weekly treatments and since then has developed into an almost daily wellness ritual for me.

Love at first use is how OLAPLEX reeled me in. All it took was one treatment to see and feel the difference it made on my highlighted, fried hair. I’m a naturally curly gal who used a flat iron for half my life (and cranked it to the highest setting each time). I didn’t love my curls for such a long time and met any desire to embrace them with an uneven curl pattern from lifeless curls pressed flat over the years.

Fast forward to 2021; I wear my hair curly every day because of the repair OLAPLEX did to my hair. My hair is incredibly healthy, bouncy, and shiny now because I use the products daily. That may sound high maintenance, but OLAPLEX now has a wide range of at-home products I’m able to use in between treatments in just minutes. From using the N°.4 and N°.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner to the styling products N°.6 and N°.7––my mane is a true testament that a little hair love goes a long way.

OLAPLEX changed my hair for the better, boosted my confidence, helped me embrace the real me, and it’s also helped millions of users worldwide do the same. Our relationship with hair goes deeper than you may think. Our styles define a decade, and our makeovers show us our headspace at certain times. We don’t always realize hair communicates for us and acts as a storyteller. 

OLAPLEX has helped me tell my story in the most authentic way possible.

Everyone’s story is unique and worth telling. With the help of OLAPLEX, I could embrace my natural texture and fall in love with it. OLAPLEX may do something different for you. It may help you achieve your color goals by pushing the envelope further in the salon or create a more manageable mane. Whatever it is, it doesn’t take the month of love to fall head over heels with OLAPLEX. It takes one use.

Start your OLAPLEX journey at home with OLAPLEX N°.0 Intensive At-Home Treatment and N°.3 Hair Perfector. Fall in love as I did and let OLAPLEX and your hair do the rest of the talking.

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