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OLAPLEX En Español Resources for Spanish Speakers
October 30, 2020

OLAPLEX En Español Resources for Spanish Speakers

A dedication at OLAPLEX has always been to make hair education free and accessible to as many users as possible. For this reason, we are proud to have online resources available for the Spanish speaking community across our social platforms! This Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to make it easier than ever for people to find and share the resources we provide to Spanish speakers. The hair industry continues to flourish with Hispanics' help, from professionals behind the chair, in the lab, to entrepreneurs and innovators. At OLAPLEX, every day is a celebration of the Hispanic community at the core of our team.


Our diverse team is whom we have to thank for the growing resources we're able to offer! Critical roles at OLAPLEX are occupied by Hispanics who have taken initiatives to pave and elevate our education and online presence for the better. Check out our official OLAPLEX Spanish speaking platforms on Facebook and Instagram!


OLAPLEX En Español Facebook Group

OLAPLEX En Español is a Facebook group dedicated to serving the Spanish speaking community with education, troubleshooting, and help from directly from our Spanish speaking OLAPLEX educators and members, as well as encouragement and inspiration! This group houses nearly 73,000 OLAPLEX users worldwide, each with one shared passion, OLAPLEX! The group is strictly for hair professionals; you can request to join the group here.

OLAPLEX En Español Facebook Page

Another resource and inspiration hub we have on Facebook is the OLAPLEX En Español Facebook page. In addition to daily content, including celebrity formulas and creations from the OLAPLEX ambassadors, and OLAPLEX hair inspiration galore, we also have the OLAPLEX En Español education team readily available to answer any questions you may have! Our team typically responds within a couple of hours, making OLAPLEX Español the perfect place to get the help you need. OLAPLEX En Español safe has over 14,600 friends and 17,000 followers, making it a helpful community of salon guests and professionals! Join the community here

OLAPLEX En Español Instagram

Instagram has always been a way for us to connect with OLAPLEX users across the globe. Our @olaplex Instagram has 1.8 million followers worldwide and is the leading platform we used to spread the word about OLAPLEX. We aim to provide the same inspiration, education, and show what results one can achieve using OLAPLEX on the @olaplexenespanol page, now 41.5K followers strong! We encourage users to comment and DM us to share their results and ask any questions! Don't forget to use the #OLAPLEXENESPAÑOL hashtag with your OLAPLEX transformations so we can share your work on our page! Follow us on Instagram here

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