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November 07, 2020
curly hair

Olaplex: An Inspiration at the Curly Hair Artistry Spring Symposium!

Hi Olaplex Lovers!

I’m Kelly, owner of Kelly Elaine Inc as well as member and educator of the international group of curly hair artists called Curly Hair Artistry. The group is comprised of over 100 curly hair specialists all over the world from Brasil and Canada to England, Australia and all over U.S.. Many of the curly hair artists I know only perform services on naturally curly hair, meaning they don’t even use or own heat tools such as flat irons or curling irons. Crazy right? When our artists see frizz they know that “frizz is a curl waiting to happen” (a quote from Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl the Handbook). In our world, frizz just needs a bit of love and moisture to become a beautifully hydrated curl.

Early on, I joined the wonderfully large and supportive Olaplex Users group on Facebook and noticed a pattern– stylists were posting results noticing less frizz on their clients after performing an Olaplex service.

As soon as I caught on, I began experimenting at my own salon with my naturally curly guests and found it true that all hair loves Olaplex but curlsREALLY love Olaplex! I created a class to teach to my fellow Curly Hair Artists in order to help spread the word within our professional curl community. We recently had our Spring Symposium at Oasis Hair Salon near Washington D.C.. The years theme was inspiration and I was lucky enough to teach my Olaplex class again to the Curly Hair Artist attendees from all over the world.

A few things I have taught in the Curly Hair Artistry Olaplex class

Curly hair is dying for strength in order have the ability to grow. Olaplex provides various curly guests with strength to the internal structure of their hair in order to achieve longer lengths faster than they have ever been able to achieve.

Textured, Coily, Super Curly, 4C natural curly girls, many of whom are transitioning from relaxers, keratin treatments, and heat damage have experienced a revival of some curl in their damaged straight ends after consistent Olaplex treatments. Thus, making their grow-out process less painful. If the hair is too far gone for even Olaplex to visually turn around, the treatment will at the very least help these highly textured guests strengthen their damaged hair, making it less susceptible to split ends that impede on their grow-out process. Robin Sjoblom and her team at Southern Curl use Olaplex all day, every day, at their Atlanta based curly hair salon with great success (as you may have seen from her guest blog posts on this blog).

I chose a s’wavy, wavy model for this particular class. The s’wavy, wavy hair types are often over looked members of the curly hair community, 65% percent of the population has some kind of texture to their hair, with some reports showing even higher percentages. S’wavy, wavies, make up a good bit of that curly population and are the ones most commonly yearning for more curl. Danielle Skroki, a curly hair specialist, has barely noticeable waves on an average day with hair that tangles very easily. We performed an Olaplex Stand Alone treatment in class, (I did the No.1 for 20 minutes minimum and No.2 for an additional 20 minutes directly on top of the No.1, then proceeded with her normal styling routine). Danielle reported immediate results! She had more wave and at least 50% less detangling time for her fine s’wavy hair. Even after a couple of weeks, she told me the results are still evident, making her styling routine much easier. In my experience, the Olaplex treatment gives amazing results to ALL curl types, promoting shine, health, and ease of styling. Other benefits include less detangling time and most importantly, the longevity of their curl sets. All of which make HUGE news in the curly world!

I have watched Olaplex and their revolutionary technology grow from the beginning. They went from being a small group to a worldwide hair-saving community. They have reached new heights in the color world and I am proud to bring my experience and knowledge to this somewhat underground community in the curly hair world. The benefits Olaplex brings to curly hair are expanding one treatment at a time. Curly girls smile along brighter than ever with healthier shinier curls every day because of Olaplex. Ask your Curly Hair Artist for a Stand Alone Treatment or to add Olaplex into color or other chemical service to experience the results for yourself!


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