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November 23, 2020

Meet Olaplex Ambassador, Bianca Hillier!

Meet Olaplex Ambassador, Bianca Hillier. We recently sat down with Bianca to help our extended, global Olaplex family get to know her a little better. Bianca, otherwise known as @biancacolour on the internet, is known for her clean balayage technique. She colors hair at the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, CA and is an integral part of Team Olaplex.

Who are your hair icons?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They have the best style and hair and are all together my fashion/hair icons. The Olsen twins are a large contribution to my intentional polished rock n roll vibe.

What did you do after beauty school? Did you assist or go straight to the floor?

I graduated cosmetology school in 10 months. Two days after graduation I got hired at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles as a colouring assistant to Sulekha Hilton. I assisted her for two years and I was then promoted to being a Colourist on the floor at SHLA.

What’s currently on your music playlist?

Chromatics- my all time favourite.

Big Black Delta – old band but I’m obsessed at the moment, I discovered them from the USA television show, Sinner.

Black Marble- I’m not quite sure how I managed to stumble upon this band.

Mounika.- I went to Bali fall of 2017 and my best friend Jenah Yamamoto introduced me to this singer watching sunrise outside our villa in the jungle.

Favorite things to do in LA?

Spend time with my family. I am born and raised in LA but travel around the world often so when I am in town I love to visit my family.


What’s your signature technique?

My signature technique is balayage highlights. People generally recognize my balayage with cotton technique. I strictly balayage because of the effortless grow out that gives the hair natural looking dimension.

Tell us about the first time you got your hands on hair. 

My parents tell me stories of when I was 6 years old and would take hours and hours to give my Barbie heads individual braids. I would cut and shave their hair and give them all types of wild styles. Growing up I would always play with my friends hair. I would do all my friends and families hair for prom, homecoming and all special events. When I was 13 I would help out my aunt in her salon, shampooing, sweeping etc…

What advice can you give to hairdressers out there?

My advice to other hairdressers is to be clean and neat because it will always show in the end result.

Tell us about your a-ha moment with Olaplex. 

When I’m formulating colour I have to keep in mind how individual each mixture is. One of the most luxurious factors about Olaplex is that you can customize each and every formulation.

How has Olaplex changed your career?

Olaplex permits me to push the limits or lift without compromising the integrity of the hair therefore allowing me to create things that were physically and scientifically impossible before.

Olaplex has also helped me travel the world. The first time I ever visited Dubai was when Olaplex had just released to the public and I was chosen to help launch Olaplex in the Middle East. At this very conference is where I was scouted/recruited for the salons I travel to in the Middle East. This has clearly helped me grow my brand world wide. Thank you Olaplex!

Favorite look do on clients?

Good & hard question to answer! Their isn’t a look I don’t like and ultimately if my client says they love it – then that’s my favourite at the time.

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