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Inside The 4 Benefits of OLAPLEX Nº.8
May 12, 2021
healthy hair

Inside The 4 Benefits of OLAPLEX Nº.8

How will OLAPLEX’s new moisture mask Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask work for your hair? Let’s talk about it. The entire OLAPLEX product line is inclusive and meant for everyone because everyone benefits from healthier hair. With Nº.8, that remains the same; we developed a moisture mask that benefits all hair types, from fine hair to coarse, straight to curly, and virgin to highly processed. We tested Nº.8 on a variety of hair types, and the results were incredible across the board!

There are four major benefits to OLAPLEX Nº.8: shine, moisture, body, and smoothing. Each of these benefits derives from Nº.8’s moisturizing, bond-building properties. Here’s what this means for your hair:

2x More Shine

Users reported 2x more shine in their hair. Shine helps boost hair color’s appearance, from vibrancy to integrity. When hair is shiny, it looks healthy, it’s eye-catching and stunning. This is one of the more immediate benefits of using OLAPLEX Nº.8.

4x More Moisture

You know we had to do the most, when formulating our moisture mask. Users saw 4x more moisture in their hair after using Nº.8. Not only is that 4x more moisture than before, but it’s also healthier hair as OLAPLEX Nº.8 contains OLAPLEX’s patented ingredient to rebuild hair.

94% More Body

Body gives hair life. It’s the foundation for movement; it helps reflect shine and overall makes hair look incredible. Nº.8 adds 94% more body to the hair than before, proving that health and moisture are precisely what your hair needs!

6x Smoother

Moisturized, healthy hair is less susceptible to frizz, flyaways, and tangles. 6x smoother hair is easier to work with, softer to the touch, and more uniform. Don’t worry, curly friends; this doesn’t affect your curl pattern. If anything, it aids in helping them look their best!

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