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How To Reset and Give Your Hair A Clean Slate for the New Year
January 31, 2023

How To Reset and Give Your Hair A Clean Slate for the New Year

If there’s one phrase synonymous with the new year, it’s a clean slate; a time to start off fresh, to build new habits and set new goals. For hair goals, starting off with a clean slate is vital to giving your hair a new life for a healthy year ahead. Many might go straight into a hair transformation to find their hair isn’t lifting enough, color isn’t lasting as long, and the hair feels lifeless. OLAPLEX is also synonymous with healthy hair, with all the products you need to give your hair a fresh start for the year ahead.


OLAPLEX Nº.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo


If you’re experiencing hair that’s dull, discolored, dry, unmanageable, or oily, it could be buildup. While you may treat your hair with OLAPLEX (and that’s great!), hair that has buildup makes it difficult for products, even OLAPLEX, to penetrate through. OLAPLEX Nº.4C is a new technology to reveal your healthiest hair by removing impurities that lead to damage. Now this isn’t something to replace your regular shampoo (hi OLAPLEX Nº.4)— it’s to be used once a week or as needed to give your hair the reset it needs to eradicate buildup, creating space for clean, healthy hair.


OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector


Our best-seller and a classic, Nº.3 is the original at-home bond-builder. Use this to give your clean hair a reset that rebuilds it from the inside out. This means healthier, more manageable hair after each treatment. Clarifying your hair with Nº.4C beforehand gives you hair so clean, it allows every bit of Nº.3 to re-link broken bonds throughout the head, creating healthy ones all around. The result? Healthier hair than before, strength, shine, and manageability.


OLAPLEX Nº.4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo


The newest member of the OLAPLEX family is a light-as-air dry shampoo for healthy scalp and hair. Unlike most dry shampoos, N°.4D gives you clean, weightless body, detoxifies the scalp with no grit, powdery residue or clogged pores. When we say clean slate, we mean it. Nº.4D gives you clean hair, on the move. Perfect after a sweaty workout or to refresh a day to night look!


This complete routine is easy as 3, 4! Clarify, treat, and clean on the go for build up free, strong, healthy, clean hair that’s manageable, shiny, and ready for anything.

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