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November 19, 2020

How To Make Money Off Your Olaplex Investment

Making an investment towards your career can be a game changing move for you and your business. As a hairdresser, the first investment is beauty school, then it may be high-end scissors, or periodic upkeep of your tool box. These investments may show benefits in the form of longevity, be it a long career, returning clients, etc. What about a hair investment that could generate returns on a quicker scale with every single client? Investing in Olaplex does just that while giving your client’s an elevated, revolutionary service making their hair healthier than ever.  

The uses one gets from a single bottle of Olaplex No.1, depending on the service, yields as many as 284 uses. These uses depend on the amount you’re using per service, such as 1/16 oz, 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz. Salon owner and Senior Olaplex Educator, April Garcia, invested in Olaplex years ago and has been seeing consistent profit offering Olaplex as an add-on service in her salon. As how to charge for Olaplex is a common question we receive, April gave us a peek into real-life uses and how she keeps track of her investment at her salon. She marks each use of Olaplex No.1 with a tally mark on the bottle to show just how beneficial and how minimal the cost of Olaplex is in comparison to the money it makes you. 

One bottle yields 35 Stand Alone Treatments (at 1/2 oz), 71 uses for 1/4 oz, 142 uses for 1/8 oz, and 284 uses for 1/16 oz. April’s investment was $198 for Olaplex. Naturally, you will be shifting between the oz you use per client and service, as April does as well, she noted that one single bottle of Olaplex No.1 provided her with 74 uses at just $10 per add-on in a chemical service and $29 per Stand Alone Treatment. The total money from services made with one bottle garnered $1,158– that’s $960 profit after the investment of $198!

How you charge for adding on Olaplex depends completely on your area and demographic– but it is clear to see even the most minimal add-on charge will pay back your investment and result in great profit. Take an add-on charge of just $5 for 150 uses for example. That’s $750 of income generates, and after your investment, thats $552 in your pocket! If ever you feel your client needs convincing adding Olaplex on, show them a photo of a side by side hair swatch ( or a real one!) with Olaplex and without. An up-close look at how drastic and damaging it is to the hair not using Olaplex is proof enough! What feels even better than all the money you will generate with Olaplex, is how amazing it will make your clients’ hair look and feel every single time. Let your clients know they have the opportunity to rebuild and dramatically reduce damage by adding Olaplex on. The difference between a service with Olaplex and a service without, is substantial.

Olaplex is a win win for you and your clientele, and though the benefits are seen instantly, they also will result in longevity. Happy clients will return to you for providing them a superior service with the integrity of their hair front and center. If the return on investment wasn’t enough, another perk of offering Olaplex is the new clients you’ll see in your chair who are searching for salons and hairdressers using Olaplex. Every new client has the potential to be a returning clients, and with adding Olaplex to your arsenal, the opportunities to grow and expand your business are a plenty. At Olaplex your success is our utmost priority. See the benefits for yourself and invest in your career today. Olaplex can be purchased online at and select distributors worldwide.

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