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How to Avoid Scary Hair Damage this Halloween
October 27, 2020
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How to Avoid Scary Hair Damage this Halloween

We love to see Halloween inspired hair, but there will never be anything spookier than damage. The most creative time of year for hair is upon us, and this Hallow's Eve, we'd like to keep it healthy and strong. Whether you're taking your clients vivid, pastel, or making a statement with raven hair, using OLAPLEX will ensure any spooky hair is intentional. 


While this holiday season will look different for everyone in the world, we can ensure the changes in your clients' hair's integrity will be minimal with the help of OLAPLEX. 


OLAPLEX in Lightener  


A service without OLAPLEX is a scary thought indeed. Using OLAPLEX No.1 in your lighter mitigates the damage done within the process, making the hair healthier while performing an inevitably damaging service. If the option is between making the hair healthier and damaging it even just minimally, why wouldn't you use OLAPLEX? The use of OLAPLEX doesn't stop with OLAPLEX No.1. OLAPLEX No.2 is just as essential to repair any damage unaddressed while the hair was processing, ensuring your client leaves with the healthiest hair possible. 


Photo by Allyssa Rae @sheis_magic


Dilute Vivids with No.2


One of our favorite off-the-menu tips with OLAPLEX No.2 is its use in direct dyes. No.2 is an optimum way to dilute direct dyes in place of clear or conditioner. Using No.2 ensures the hair builds during the process, just by applying an additive to dilute the direct dye, as you usually would. The results yield healthier hair, desired tonality by diluting with No.2, and longer-lasting vivid colors. OLAPLEX closes the cuticle and lowers porosity because it rebuilds bonds and makes the hair healthier. This means color last longer, particularly vivid colors which are notorious for fading and rinsing out. 


Photo by Cheraka Smith Cooley @cherbehindtehchair

Style with No.6 and No.7


When you or your client are developing that perfect 'do for Halloween, remember to incorporate OLAPLEX styling products within the process. The use of OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother helps rid the hair of frizz for up to 72 hours! This styling cream also moisturizes the hair while rebuilding bonds. It's the ideal style cream you can cocktail with other products or stand alone. OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil is the only oil of its kind to rebuild bonds while moisturizing and providing luminous shine. No.7 also protects against UVA UVB rays in addition to heat up to 450 degrees.


Need some inspiration for you or your client? Here are some Halloween inspired colors we love, created with OLAPLEX!

Photo by Waverly Welborn @clthair


Photo by Ashley Evert

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