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How OLAPLEX Elevates Salon Services
July 19, 2021

How OLAPLEX Elevates Salon Services

We live in a time where you can ask your stylist for a hair change, then receive it in the healthiest way possible. With OLAPLEX, salon transformations and miracles are not happenstance; they’re about science and integrity. An elevated salon service is one where a hairdresser incorporates OLAPLEX within the entire service. From start to finish and beyond, you’re looking at hair dreams, sans the breakage.

Hair dreams before OLAPLEX happened, but what is it now that makes services without OLAPLEX obsolete? A service without OLAPLEX is one where the hair isn’t rebuilt simultaneously. Thus, the disulfide bonds in the hair will inevitably break from the chemicals your stylist puts on it. Some hair types break easier than others, depending on the history and how far the hair was pushed. For services without OLAPLEX, one thing is sure; hair will inevitably break. Not to say hair won’t break with OLAPLEX––OLAPLEX is a fantastic tool, but it is not a magic wand. One must always use their best judgment, and your hairdresser should always use the same discretion they would if they weren’t using OLAPLEX.

With OLAPLEX, hair is being rebuilt while the chemicals are processing. Its non-toxic, patented technology rebuilds broken bonds in the hair. The question isn’t “why shouldn’t I get OLAPLEX in my salon services?” instead; it’s “why wouldn’t I?” We pay for insurance to cover our health costs, our dental costs, car costs and more. Why wouldn’t we insure the integrity of our hair?

OLAPLEX elevates salon services by protecting and rebuilding hair internally. All other products on the market coat the hair to make it look healthy but don’t actually rebuild bonds to make it healthy internally. OLAPLEX’s goal is to get the hair as close to a virgin-like state as possible. Often, salon guests leave with healthier hair than before after having their hair treated chemically.

If you don’t chemically treat your hair, you can still benefit from healthier hair. Get OLAPLEX as a Stand-Alone Treatment to rebuild your hair with no chemicals working against it. This is the most intense bond-building experience available. Your hair has the power to communicate with the world around you, tell a story, and boost your confidence. Just as you nurture yourself, elevate the experience your hair gets at the salon for results that help you shine all over.

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