Heat Free Hair Styles
August 29, 2021

Heat Free Hair Styles

The Summer trend we can’t get enough of is heat-free hair. This isn’t about one look, but several gorgeous, effortless looks from updos to free-flowing manes. As leaders in healthy hair, we appreciate styles that preserve the integrity of the hair, and no styles do it better than those that are free from heat. Set the curling wands, flatirons, and blow dryers aside for this one.

In addition to treating, maintaining, and protecting the hair’s integrity with OLAPLEX, there are also best practices for healthy hair. The top way people damage their hair outside of the salon is with thermal styling, so let these summer manes inspire looks you can rock without the damage. Extra Credit: maximize the looks with OLAPLEX! Whether it’s a treatment or a combination of Nº.6 and Nº.7, you can’t go wrong while repairing bonds.


You can never go wrong with classic pigtail braids!


A half up, half down bun the perfect polish to your heat free look.

Style natural hair down with a hat for a low maintenance vibe.

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