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Happy Lunar New Year!
February 01, 2022

Happy Lunar New Year!

February 1st marks the Lunar New Year on the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese New Year is an annual 16-day festival that begins with the new moon. This holiday dates back to the 14th century BC to release the old and bad and bring in the good and new. Traditionally a celebration of deities and ancestors, today Chinese New Year is a celebration across the world in hopes of good fortune in the year ahead.

For every Chinese year, there is an animal sign. This year is the Year of the Tiger! The tiger is one of the most represented animals in Chinese art and is long revered by the people. The Year of the Tiger will be a year for change and taking risks for our greater good. After years of survival and adapting, it’s time to take giant leaps into the new and unexpected.

Since this year is all about going big and bold, here are some fun ways to join in on the celebration:

Wear red for extra good luck

Clean the house before the new year

Have dinner with family and friends

Give red lucky money envelopes

Light and watch lanterns

Offer sacrifices to ancestors

Paper cut-outs on windows

Display couplets on doors

Hang red lanterns

Exchange Chinese mythological stories with friends and family

If there’s a Chinese animal dance near you, attend and watch for extra good luck

Eat traditional Chinese food like dumplings with different fillings

This is a time to gather and feast. New Year’s Eve for Chinese New Year beholds a banquet that is enjoyed as the best meal of the year with family and close friends. Moon cake is a favorite for dessert, typically filled with lotus seed paste and sweet bean paste.

A fun fact about Lunar New Year is there’s no set date. The holiday ranges from January 21st to February 20th and is chosen based on the moon cycles. Hence, moon cake!

For more on the Chinese zodiac, look up what animal you are based on your birth year. The animals in the zodiac are the pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, and dog. Use the Year of the Tiger to the greatest good — look up your animal based on the year you were born to understand where you’re coming from based on the zodiac.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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