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Fun Facts About Brunettes
December 03, 2021

Fun Facts About Brunettes

Some of the first modern humans to walk this Earth were brunettes. Brunettes are found all over the globe, with seven levels encompassing their shades. From black to dark brown, medium brown, and light brown—making up 95% of the world’s population. With a history rooted so profoundly in the evolution of humans, it’s to no surprise brunettes are known as wise, sophisticated, and mature.


The more eumelanin pigment carried in your family genes, the darker your hair is. People with black hair have the most eumelanin, and blondes have the least. Black hair dye was the first color invented for permanent dye in 1500 BC by the Greeks and Romans and quite desirable. It wasn’t until hundreds of years later that other dyes were available. 


From Audrey Hepburn to Lisa Bonet, being a brunette is so much more than hair color. It’s a moment in time, history, and iconic. Who can forget Jackie O’s elegance or the absolute record-breaking legend that is Beyonce? This isn’t just for women; for men, the phrase ‘tall, dark and handsome’ derives from brunette sex appeal. Calling all Clooney’s! 


There are stereotypes within every hair color that have nothing to do with the people’s personality, only the perception. Historically brunettes are portrayed in film as sinister, sexy, and the mean girl when played opposite a blonde and maybe where the perceived battle of the two hair colors began. 


As there is a wide range of shades in brunette color, learning about its geography can be helpful. You can find light brown-haired people in most northern and central Europe plus Australia, with brown hair predominating Europe. Dark brown hair dominates the Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, Central, and South Asia. Deep dark brown to black hair is most commonly found in South America and East Asia. 


Madam C. J. Walker was a brunette entrepreneur who forever changed the world of haircare as an entrepreneur when women were not encouraged to start their own businesses. This black-haired powerhouse is recorded as the first female self-made millionaire, making her fortune by creating and developing haircare and beauty products. 


We often dub brunette shades coffee bean or cocoa-colored, and in fact, it was brunette Melitta Bentz who invented the first coffee filter system in 1908. She was awarded a patent for her invention that we still use today! Known as the “female Edison,” Margaret E. Knight is known as one of the greatest inventors of the 19th century. She was a brunette who invented the machine that processes flat-bottomed paper bags. Think of her next time you make a shopping or grocery run!


One thing that isn’t mysterious is how much of an impact brunettes make in the world and how they influence society and culture. Shout out to all the eumelanin queens and kings out there; wear your shades proudly! 

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