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#FOILFLEX: The World of Healthy Processing
February 01, 2021

#FOILFLEX: The World of Healthy Processing

If you have banging, healthy color, I hope you’re flexing it with a hair toss and nod to the colorist that gave it to you. Whenever I leave the salon, I have an extra pep in my step, and I’m left inspired with ways to preserve this post salon high. Although I maintain a solid OLAPLEX routineat home, I don’t walk into the salon with this boost of confidence.

Colorists take your vision, big or small, and implement it in a way that puts your hair goals to rest and confidence to the max. They don’t do it alone either. When your colorist uses OLAPLEX, it helps them push the envelope to take your hair to the next level. Whether they are killing the game with foils or balayage, their use of OLAPLEX N°.1 & N°.2 helps them mitigate the damage chemicals do to the hair and rebuild the hair.

I’ve had the works done from super blonde highlights to subtle balayage, and everything in between. While processing in the salon, my head is an ornament, a sculptural promise of healthy, glamorous hair. I can’t help, while unapologetically flexing my hair, how beautiful the process is. Salon visits themselves are ritualistic, but there is something reverent when foils and cotton adorn my mane. Perhaps a #foilflex?

If you’ve dived into the Instagram hair world of processing, you know a head full of foils or cotton only processes as far as healthy hair will let it. Here are some of my favorite processing moments that flex the use of OLAPLEX within all lightener services:

Image @biancacolour

Image @reneecrawfordhair

Image @hairbymarjela

Image @biancacolour

Image @rebeccasbeauty_bar

Image @biancacolour

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