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Free shipping & sample with every order

November 19, 2020

Drew Barrymore’s Olaplex Routine

From fried to fabulous! We love seeing Olaplex on the Red Carpet, but what we love even more is seeing how the stars keep their manes on point off the carpet. Who better to show us than one of our all time favorite actors, Drew Barrymore!

To transform into different roles, actors often need to undergo several changes to their appearance, starting with their hair! This can mean anything from having jet black hair one month, to being platinum blonde the next and back again. As glamorous as it may seem, constant changes to the hair with bleach and chemicals can put it through distress. Thankfully, Drew has celebrity colorist and Olaplex Ambassador, Tracey Cunningham, to save the day!

Tracey uses Olaplex in every single formulation for Drew and her a-list clientele. Though Olaplex helps mitigate the damage done during all the processes, constant processing and thermal heat styling will have anyone’s mane in need of a little TLC. Our version of TLC are in the form of Olaplex Stand Alone Treatments and Olaplex No.3.

Drew posted her results on Instagram after just three weeks of Olaplex treatments. She applied No.3 on clean wet hair and left it on for twenty minutes each time.”My hair is remarkably and clearly better,” says Barrymore. We love seeing her natural curls and gorgeous shine come back to life!

With the help of Olaplex, one can restore their hair to it’s natural state by rebuilding the broken disulfide bonds with each treatment. For more on the Olaplex at-home 3-4-5, visit

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