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Customizing OLAPLEX To Fit Your Schedule
November 16, 2022

Customizing OLAPLEX To Fit Your Schedule

My hair is the healthiest it’s ever been after years of having notoriously fried hair. You know how it goes; busy schedule and a hustle that makes it easy to forget about self-care. This was life until I made minor adjustments to the flow of my schedule to make my moments work for me. I realized I had more time than I thought for haircare. Now, I work 40 hours a week and give myself an OLAPLEX treatment a few times a week and they’re never planned out. They just happen. Here’s how I made more time for my hair throughout the week by making treatments work for my schedule:


Keep your OLAPLEX visible


Keep it in the shower or on a shelf where you always see it without having to open a cabinet. This was the biggest game changer for me. I used to keep my Nº.0, Nº.3, and Nº.8 out of the shower and in a cabinet for when it was time for a treatment. That treatment would happen once or twice a month, which for healthy hair maintenance isn’t that much. Damage occurs in your hair every day, the more you let it build up, the more there is to correct.


One day, I put all my OLAPLEX treatment products in my shower and now have done more treatments in a week than I would do in a month! So where did I find the time working 40+ hours a week? I took advantage of my moments, like the moment I realized I take 2 showers a day, once in the morning after a workout and once before bed. These moments became opportunities for me to pop on an OLAPLEX Nº.0 and Nº.3 treatment while I worked from home for the day or ran errands. 


Make your Hair Routine as Essential As Your Skincare


Ask someone their skincare routine, chances are they light up with a list of their morning and night steps. If there’s anything that has caught on in 2022, it’s that skincare for haircare is here to stay. Your skin and hair are made of the same keratin protein, which is why many of the ingredients you recognize in skincare are in haircare, too. Just as make time for your AM/PM skin routine, find an OLAPLEX hair routine that also works into your morning and evenings. For example, your ends can always use a little love; consider adding a drop or two of OLAPLEX Nº.7 Bonding Oil to your ends at night for some bond building and moisture before bed.


Schedule Treatments Like Appointments


Now, some of us are planners, and that’s great too. If you thrive on a schedule that pencils the good stuff in, count OLAPLEX in for 10-30 minutes once a week or more. Booking a treatment just like you would a workout class makes it a commitment rather than something you put off or wait for the time to appear for.

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