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Free shipping & sample with every order

November 23, 2020

Curly Hair’s Real MVP

I started wearing my hair curly last summer. I was having a pool day with my best friend and jumped into the water. Much to her surprise, she met an entirely new person when I got out, me with curly hair. After some much needed encouragement, she helped me realize what a blessing my natural texture is and that I needed to start wearing it curly. For years, my hair was frizzy, poofy, with varying curl patterns all over from thermal styling damage. 
I thought she was just making me feel better about my texture… but I hadn’t realized how much healthier my hair had gotten after 3 years of using OLAPLEX. My default has always been air drying and flat ironing, so much that I din’t notice how much my curl pattern had repaired into uniformity. The difference from then and now, being when I previously styled with heat, I wasn’t repairing the damage. Now, with 1-2x weekly treatments using OLAPLEX for a few years, my hair is in the healthiest shape it has ever been. If it weren’t for OLAPLEX, I would not have fallen in love with my curls. I say that with absolute confidence in knowing I would have been way too impatient to nurse my curls back to health without it. No product on the market does what OLAPLEX does, meaning I’d be waiting for my new healthy hair to grow… the old fashioned way. 
Curly hair is an absolute journey. Known as one of the single most fragile hair types, curls are naturally dry, weak, and susceptible to being brittle. With that being said, there’s a lot of trial and error that goes into finding products that accentuate and address the needs of your curls. If it’s innate qualities weren’t fickle enough, most naturally curly haired individuals have years worth of damage from fighting their natural texture from textural services like relaxers and heat styling. As a newly reformed curly girl, I know first hand from years of straightening my hair with a flat iron (we’re talking 15 years) how much love needs to go into transitioning into natural hair.
I still do regular OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatments in the salon and No.3 at home. What’s better, is if I don’t have time to do a full treatment, I can still give myself mini treatments throughout the week by using the new OLAPLEX 4-5-6 line; the shampoo, conditioner, and Bond Smoother which all have OLAPLEX’s Bond Multiplying technology within them. It may seem high maintenance, but my curl routine has never more fluid and simple. Having healthy hair is a massive part of that, making OLAPLEX a no brainer in what is now a top curl routine. Finding the right mousse and gel was the trickier part, those really depend on how much hair you have, how thick or fine it is, and your vibe is. Some people like a more glam curl look, some, like me, prefer an effortless minimalist ‘do. The only missing link was a leave in, and now with OLAPLEX No.6, I have a leave in curl cream that both hydrate and repairs. 
I’m now that person who encourages people to embrace their natural texture. I’m grateful that OLAPLEX gave me the confidence boost I needed to not only love my hair, but also cut down the time it takes for me to do my hair from over an hour of thermal styling to washing, applying products and leaving out the door! If you’re thinking about going natural and don’t know where to begin, start with OLAPLEX. Healthy hair is the perfect setting for all your hair dreams, and with this hair arsenal MVP, you’re likely to get there sooner than you know it. 

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