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Curly Girl Summer: The Go-To Routine
January 04, 2024

Curly Girl Summer: The Go-To Routine

Naturally curly hair inspires some of the cutest hair styles of the summer. From beach waves, to voluptuous curls, and braided styles — having a curly girl summer is in! As a naturally curly girl, a quick wash and go routine keeps my hair naturally beautiful after the beach, workouts, or when I’m pressed on time. It’s all about embracing your natural hair journey and having fun with the ways products can accentuate the lushness of your curls. While my summer routine feels effortless, it’s my must-have OLAPLEX routine that keeps my curls looking flawless and healthy any way I wear it!

Curls are the most sensitive of all hair textures, making a harsh weather season like summer one to be reckoned with. My routine varies every season, but for this one, it’s all about moisture, repair, and protection. I’m sharing the summer routine that keeps my curls looking springy, radiant and unfazed all with OLAPLEX.


Before I touch on my simple curl routine, I have to emphasize how much OLAPLEX treatments save my hair! I do these weekly, especially after a full day out in the sun or after a color treatment in the salon. My go to for the summer is OLAPLEX Nº·8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask! My hair can’t get enough of it. I use Nº·8 to help restore moisture from my parched summer locks. It’s essential! I also lock in an OLAPLEX Nº·3 treatment a couple times a week to repair any damage my hair has gone through!


My curl routine is so simple, and I believe it’s because I use the good stuff. I use OLAPLEX Nº·6 Bond Smoother cocktailed with OLAPLEX Nº·7 Bonding Oil. Since it’s summer, and my hair is very thick, I use a generous portion of Nº·6 for extra moisture throughout the day. My hair is so dry during the summer and this really helps keep it soft and healthy. The OLAPLEX Nº·7 Bonding Oil gives it extra shine, which is always helpful with curly hair. If I need more definition, I’ll use a dollop of a light hold gel for my curls. Once the product is incorporated into my hair, I twist the curls twice at the root then ribbon downwards with my fingers. I do this in sections until I’ve twisted my entire head — it takes about 5-10 minutes! For some light volume, I use OLAPLEX Volumizing Blow Dry Mist at my roots, mids and ends, then I shake my hair from my roots.

There have been fewer better feelings than when I embraced my natural curls. The satisfaction of a wash and go routine, especially during a season of water activities, is priceless. Whether my hair is free, or in a slicked back pony — it’s always healthy, moisturized, and shiny with my go-to hair routine. Who knew one product could do it all?


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