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October 27, 2021


It’s not hard to tell from our Instagram that Olaplex is a miracle product for blondes and blonde transformations. So much that we’re often asked if Olaplex can be used on brunettes. The answer is YES YES YES! Olaplex is for everyone. Every hair color, hair type, and texture. In fact, since our launch we have noticed brighter, shinier, healthier brunettes than ever before.

Just ask Olaplex Ambassadors Tracey Cunningham, Riawna Capri, and Bianca Hillier. They’ve created some of the most iconic contemporary brunettes and all of them boast healthy hair.

Salons all over the world I’m sure have seen some of these photos in their clients hands. Lily Aldridge’s famous ombre by Tracey Cunningham is one of the most requested colors in salons. Bianca Hillier nailed what it is to be a beachy blonde with her color work on Rocky Barnes.

A little brunette-spo never hurt anybody. Whether you’re looking for some dimension, contrast, or just a little sparkle… Olaplex will make sure you get there the healthy way.

Lily Aldridge. Color by Tracey Cunningham.

Jessica Biel. Color by Tracey Cunningham.

Nina Dobrev. Color by Riawna Capri.

Rocky Barnes. Color by Bianca Hillier.

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