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Best Hair Days
August 28, 2020
best hair days

Best Hair Days

Are you having a good hair day today? Most of us know what sets a good hair day apart from a bad hair day; however, do you know your best hair day could be every day? Having daily best hair days doesn't mean daily time and effort. Best hair days are yours if you keep your hair, healthy, strong, and happy with regular OLAPLEX maintenance. 

Let's talk about some best hair day factors. When we think of flawless hair, we imagine healthy, shiny, strong hair free of unmanageable frizz, breakage, and fading. How about how you feel when it's your best hair day? Radiant, confident, productive, and beautiful are some emotions that come to mind. Believe it or not, checking all the boxes for these hair goals isn't always about what you need to do, but a healthy maintenance and what-not-to-do combination. We're not about yes's, and no no's here. With some suggestions, you may find living your best hair day every day, is easier than you thought. 

Healthy Hair is Gorgeous Hair: The OLAPLEX Hair Routine

Maintaining and improving the integrity of your hair is the only path to best hair days. You may feel perhaps a curling wand or blow dryer can give you your best hair day, but after time the aesthetic fades and what's left are breakage and color fading. All avenues circle back to having healthy hair or working towards it. This routine is the ultimate OLAPLEX #BestHairDays method:

The Routine:

The most intensive at-home bond rebuilding treatment for Best Hair Days begins with priming and treating the hair with OLAPLEX No.0 and OLAPLEX No.3. This combination primes the hair with OLAPLEX No.0 for 10 minutes, then layers OLAPLEX No.3 on top to provide major bond rebuilding and strengthening. Once the treatment sits for a minimum of 20 minutes (we recommend longer for even greater results), shampoo and condition the hair. We suggest using OLAPLEX No.4 and No.5 shampoo and conditioner to maximize the benefits of OLAPLEX while washing your hair. The shampoo and conditioner not only moisturize, but they rebuild bonds too! Afterward, work some #BestHairDays magic with OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother and OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil for a frizz-free shiny, heat protecting finish.

No.6 is a leave-in styling cream that rebuilds hair, moisturizes, and eliminates frizz for up to 72 hours. Remember how we noted frizz-free hair as one of our Best Hair Days moments? We have got you covered! Finish off the entire routine with OLAPLEX No.7. No.7 adds mega-watt shine, rebuilds bonds, conditions, and protects from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

For normal healthy hair, we recommend the No.0 No.3 treatment once a week. If your hair is experience breakage, is comprised, or in need of a little extra love, feel free to repeat the treatment as many times as needed throughout the week! We always say OLAPLEX works around your lifestyle, you can wear your treatment on the go, but even more, No.5, No.5, No.6, and No.7 are effortless ways to work in treatments throughout the week! No.7 is lightweight enough to carry around, treating, and moistening your hair throughout the day. Photo opportunity? A little shine touch-up with No.7, while it rebuilds your hair, is just the trick.

What do your #BestHairDays look to you? What OLAPLEX products are you using to help your hair glow and shine? Use #BestHairDays on Instagram to show us!

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