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OLAPLEX Beauty Uncovered Podcast
December 20, 2021

OLAPLEX Beauty Uncovered Podcast


This year, we uncovered beauty in a major way! The official OLAPLEX Podcast, Beauty Uncovered, hosted by Danielle Frank, had nearly 40 episodes with world-class beauty experts, on how we can look and feel our best on our terms. In an age where we redefine beauty, we remain inspired and hopeful for a world that emphasizes healthy, inclusive beauty standards. We were lucky enough to look into the minds in beauty leading this brigade!

It just takes a bit of inspiration to help you see something different or find a new lens to look through. Even better, to re-imagine your own lens to be 100% authentically you. Let's start with looking in the mirror or at a photo of ourselves. Industry photographer David Suh put it into perspective perfectly: "You are beautiful. No matter what. If you see a photo that you don't like of yourself, that's the photographer's fault, not you. Start with that foundation." So often, we see photos of ourselves and judge our beauty. We love David's words on this as someone behind the camera! You can listen to the full episode on Beauty Uncovered. 

Podcasts are companions and tools that help us listen to unique perspectives. They create conversations we may not have in our day-to-day lives. We're big believers in the power of manifestation, as expertly discussed in our episode with model Tanaye White. "Any and every dream you've ever wanted, write it down. I think that when you write it, sort of like speaking it, you're able to connect with it more, and it seems more tangible." Have you ever written a dream down? The power of intention has an intense way of manifesting on paper!

A trend we've seen grow is an empowerment and growth community built by hairdressers. Beauty Uncovered guest, barber, and entrepreneur Keon Washington enforces the narrative of the professional knowing best. Contrary to "the customer is always right" we grew up with, there are many cases where the professional knows what's best. The confidence and empowerment in knowing you have the skillset to create positive changes in someone's life are worth channeling! Keon's episode is a must-listen!

On confidence, Olympian and podcast host Samantha Peszek breaks it down: "what is confidence? How do you get it? You don't go to the grocery store and pick up confidence. It comes from hard work and positive self-talk, and you need both to be confident." When we exercise, we feel good and look good. It's a self-care routine that has multiple benefits. We like to think Samantha knows her stuff when it comes to putting in the work to be a confident person. 

Beauty Uncovered will have you engaged and inspired if you align with any of these conversations! We handpick leaders in the industry with voices that motivate and activate the fire in all of us to hustle, build, and grow. You can find Beauty Uncovered wherever you listen to podcasts! 

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