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November 19, 2020
andy lecompte salon

Balayage Root Touch Up with OLAPLEX Ambassador Bianca Hillier

When it comes to balayage, OLAPLEX Ambassador, Bianca Hillier, knows a thing or two. Known as her signature technique, Bianca uses the balayage method to paint the sun on her clients’ hair. With a clientele ranging from brunettes, blondes, to textured and straight hair, consistency is key when it comes to creating sun-kissed locks. Although each service is unique to her clients hair history, texture, and haircut, they all have one thing in common. Each of her balayage services, no matter the hair type or texture, have in common the use of OLAPLEX and good judgement.
Bianca uses OLAPLEX No.1 in all of her mixtures from lightener to toners. She always starts with a formulation of 1/16th oz of OLAPLEX No.1 in her 1:2 balayage mixture. A tip from Bianca that we love, is her extra use of OLAPLEX No.1 in every service right before she applies the gloss. She does what she has dubbed, ‘Ola Water’ all over the hair. Ola Water, is 1/2 oz of OLAPLEX No.1 in a bowl mixed with water (very similar to our Stand Alone Treatment). She lets it sit for 5 minutes, then applies her glosses accordingly. Each and every service is always sealed with an OLAPLEX No.2 treatment. No.2 is not an optional step, as it takes the next step into rebuilding bonds in the hair, without any chemicals fighting against it.
For a balayage touch up, Bianca follows her old pattern on the hair, starting at the root. From the root, Bianca applies the lightener, without pulling it all the way through as to avoid overlapping. She picks out the same highlights from her previous pattern and does this throughout the head according to the clients haircut. “I use cotton as a divider because I don’t like to use foil or saran wrap that create heat and make the chemicals act fast. I use Cellu Cotton #44045 from Salon Centric.” says Hiller. 
For a precise application, and in true Bianca fashion, a clean tray set up is essential. Bianca’s tray includes her chemical formulations, a Framar balayage paddle, a brush to mix her bleach mixture, a brush for balayage application, a wet towel to clean off the balayage brush after each application, and a dry towel to wipe anything off as needed. 
Bianca stresses the importance of healthy hair every step of the way. She finds no need to pull the lightener all the way through on a regular client who is touching up balayage as the ends are lifted light enough. However, if the client wants a little extra pop or sparkle, she will tip out some ends just to give them the special kick they desire. 
To finish the service, the client is shampooed and conditioned with OLAPLEX No.4 & No.5 shampoo and conditioner then blown out with OLAPLEX No. 6 Bond Smoother for a smooth, frizz free finish! 

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