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Free shipping & sample with every order

November 19, 2020

An Ola Guide to Curly Hair

There are two categories of curly hair; one is just plain curly hair, and the other is curly hair that is damaged from heat styling and chemical processing. What they both have in common, is the need to be healthy and moisturized to thrive. Curl types range from wavy to coily (some heads of hair are in such distress they have various curl patterns). All curl types have the same foundation in that they need a lot of love to be at their best!

Photo via @sojazzaye

The solution is simple; a proper at-home curly hair routine to nourish compromised curls back to health and keep already thriving curls healthy.

There are a few steps to take into account when maintaining your curls:

1. Know the products you’re using! A completely sulfate-free shampoo such as Olaplex No.4 is a must. Most shampoos with sulfates dry the hair out excessively, which isn’t ideal for dryness prone hair textures like curlies.  

2. Use a moisturizing conditioner like Olaplex No.5 to keep the hair intensely hydrated. Conditioning curly hair is crucial. Being dry by nature and more fragile than other hair textures, means this texture requires extra attention in the hydration department. Check if your hair needs moisture by performing a quick elasticity test. Take a strand of hair and lightly pull from each side. If the strand breaks, or shows no sign of stretching– it’s likely your hair is dry.

3. OLAPLEX! We have seen countless cases of heat and chemically damaged curls brought back to life through Olaplex treatments. Curly hair is the most fragile hair type, making it more susceptible to damage. Rebuilding the bonds in the hair as a weekly practice will ensure your gorgeous locks are ahead of the game.

Photo via @hairmajestiii of before and after a cut and Olaplex Treatment

There’s no better time than now to have the curls of your dreams! With three easy steps to work into your hair care routine, you’ll be confidently rocking your healthy, shiny, luxurious curls in no time! To purchase the Olaplex 3-4-5 system, shop here. 

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