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Air Dried Natural Styling
July 14, 2020
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Air Dried Natural Styling

Summer is calling; it's saying to put down the heat tools. This season, the only heat you'll need is from the sun! Natural hairstyles are increasingly moving their way up in popularity. From natural textures in all their glory to braided looks galore, styling your hair with just a bit of product and mechanical tools can decrease it's exposure to damage. We're not saying to ditch your iron altogether! Without a doubt, some occasions call for the iron, perhaps a sleek look or voluminous curls. Knowing you have a healthy head of hair because you're reducing its exposure to damage will give you peace of mind.

So, where do you begin? For some of us, the only hairstyles that come naturally are wearing it loose, in a ponytail, or half up half down. All of these are terrific styles to experiment with and utilize! Have fun getting to know your natural texture and the many ways it looks best worn.

In addition to air-dried natural styles, the OLAPLEX at-home care system will elevate the integrity of your hair as you rock the looks. Use OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother as a leave-in bond rebuilder and No.7 Bonding Oil for superior shine, bond maintenance, and heat protection. With just a little help from No.6 and No.7, you can amplify your air-dried styles while rebuilding bonds! The heat protection of No.7 is up to 450º and essential for the harsh effects of the sun on the hair. Styling your hair without heat tools isn't merely a time-saver to add a little effortlessness to your summer months; it's a sure way to greet the next season with significantly less damage. Typically, by the Fall, our hair is more brittle, dry, and lightened, causing damage to the hair. By adopting natural styles not only in the summer but year-round, you allow the hair the opportunity for rest and close to uninterrupted healing with routine OLAPLEX No.3 treatments.

There's something about the ability to let your hair down and feel confident without any other steps needed. We're talking no hair ties, no bobby pins, free your natural texture like these hair goddesses:

The half up half down style has evolved over the years. We love this modern take on the look that adds height to the crown and extra layers without the chop!

Braids are always a win, as they're incredibly versatile and can elevate a look with their technique. There are hundreds of styles you can learn and develop just by braiding. Ones we might add that lend panache to even the fussiest of hair days. We love this modern take on a french braid:

Need a tad more oomph? When looking for a bit of adornment, seek the aid of flowers, clips, ribbons, and bands to add a whimsical touch to your mane:


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