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Free shipping & sample with every order

Free shipping & sample with every order

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OLAPLEX Education Manual

All the OLAPLEX professional resources you will ever need, all in one spot!

Welcome to the OLAPLEX family

The birth of OLAPLEX came from a lifelong relationship with the beauty industry. Dean Christal, CEO and creator of OLAPLEX, grew up in a family that had a deep understanding of the needs of hardworking hairdressers. His mother was a licensed hairdresser who ran a salon out of their home while his father was a beauty distributor owning 26 stores. This experience created the catalyst towards the one ingredient that is continuously changing what is possible for hair.

Our Story

The Science of OLAPLEX

Educate yourself on the science behind OLAPLEX and the game-changing innovation at the heart of the brand.

OLAPLEX Salon Services

No matter what you are trying to achieve for your clients, we have instructions on how to incorporate OLAPLEX.

Product Line

Everything you need to know about all OLAPLEX products!

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